…Six Months Later

…Six Months Later


Six months ago, we stood in the ICU and prayed that little Corey Preston—our new little nephew—would be happy and healthy. He was born prematurely and, while he was still just a baby, we knew he was a fighter! We celebrated his six-month birthday last Sunday evening and he’s become the King Of The Family in such a short time…something tells me his smile and deep brown eyes are going to extend his reign for quite some time!

Just as the sun was setting, I snapped a few photos of Corey to document just how far he’s come…

Call me silly, but I think Corey’s afro-hawk is hilarious! 🙂

On a completely unrelated sidenote…
Pro Photo Resource just published a recent article I submitted. It focuses on my shooting preferences as well as shooting subjects backlit, so if you’re interested Check It Out!

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  1. Tira J -

    Good Morning Jasmine! What an amazing story about your little nephew. God does indeed work miracles and he is a testament of that. He is quite a handsome one and is one lucky guy to have you and JD and Auntie and Uncle. Your article was perfect for me and thank you for your continued inspiration. The past two weeks I have been making nice with the sun 🙂 and have truly enjoyed the images that are coming out. And now I am crossing over the manual world. It was a bit scary, but more fun and rewarding. Have a fantastic day!

      2.19.08 - 3:19 pm

  2. Shealynn Benner -

    Hi Jasmine! He is adorable! How premature was he? My youngest daughter was born 10 weeks premature, and she is a big healthy girl now! Congrats to this little guy! He is so big! 🙂

      2.19.08 - 3:33 pm

  3. Amber Dawn -

    That’s so awesome! Babies are such a gift…and the little guy’s hair is AWESOME!

      2.19.08 - 3:50 pm

  4. brianna -

    mixed babies are the best!!!

      2.19.08 - 4:02 pm

  5. Trista -

    OMGGGG….soo freaking adorable! I swear I see a little bit of his uncle JD in the eyes 🙂

    So good to see he is growing up happy and healthy!!

      2.19.08 - 4:08 pm

  6. gabriel ryan -

    i am struck by the awesomeness of the fro-hawk. corey has got some mad style!

      2.19.08 - 4:14 pm

  7. Dennis -

    He sounds like he is a true blessing

      2.19.08 - 4:15 pm

  8. Wayne Toshikazu -

    Very cute, and I’m glad to see that the little guy is doing so well. I want an afro-hawk like that!!!

      2.19.08 - 4:17 pm

  9. nicole green -

    oooh my gosh i want to squeeze his face!!! 🙂 haha! he’s SO cute! i am so glad he’s doing so well. 🙂

      2.19.08 - 4:37 pm

  10. neal -

    Children are the most amazing gift.

    Congrats to the little man on his six-month Bday!

      2.19.08 - 5:05 pm

  11. Therese -

    Hi Jasmine, I discovered your blog only last week and i’ve been reading non stop to catch up – it’s great! Your writing style is fab not to mention your photographs 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks a million for all your photography info, i’ve picked up so many great tips from your posts. And congrats on being an aunt to this gorgeous little fellow, he’s adorable!

      2.19.08 - 5:06 pm

  12. Danielle -

    I love is hair!!… I read your article last night on Pro Photo Resource. Everyone should go check it out.

      2.19.08 - 5:15 pm

  13. Nataly -

    Aaaaawwweee! He is such a cutie! I love his cheeks! Every time I see a cute baby I am in a danger zone because I get that much closer to wanting a baby NOW!

      2.19.08 - 5:21 pm

  14. cassandra m -

    ADORABLE!!!! What an amazing gift from God and what a blessing to have family that loves him so dearly. Many prayers are still with him & family. I think he has your eyes & nose 😉 😉

      2.19.08 - 6:17 pm

  15. Jennifer -

    Oh my goodness – he is so precious. I love baby mohawks and he is certainly rockin the babyhawk!

      2.19.08 - 7:04 pm

  16. Sarah Skow -

    Oh my goodness! I want to pinch his cheeks and mess up his hair! What a cutie!

      2.19.08 - 7:24 pm

  17. melissapearce -

    Hi – what an edible little fellow! I tried to access your article but for some reason I can’t figure out how to get there– am i doing something wrong? i am registered with prophotoresource…

      2.19.08 - 7:54 pm

  18. Bobbie -

    Jasmine he is adorable! I LOVE those fat little cheeks!!

      2.19.08 - 8:38 pm

  19. kymberli q. -

    He is adorable!!!! I love that everyone had a 6 month birthday for him! God. is. awesome. 🙂

      2.19.08 - 10:22 pm

  20. erin. -

    What a bundle of joy! Loving the Afro- Hawk totally cute!! Preemies are such miracles (my niece was born 3 months early)

      2.19.08 - 11:44 pm

  21. joyful weddings & events -

    What a cutie! Love the hair. What a gift!

      2.20.08 - 12:31 am

  22. caitlin -

    Great hair!!! Happy bday to him!

    Congrats on getting published!!

      2.20.08 - 12:50 am

  23. Ginger -

    Oh my word. What a DOLL!

    Must…hold back… urge to have baby!!!

      2.20.08 - 2:24 am

  24. Debbie Bolton -

    that is one cute baby! I’m so thankful that he has done so well. It is amazing what they can do now with good neonatal care!

      2.20.08 - 3:38 am

  25. Stacy Cross -

    I love him! 🙂

      2.20.08 - 3:40 am

  26. Mallory -

    I am SO glad to see that your little nephew is doing well! And what a handsome little one too!

      2.20.08 - 3:48 am

  27. Rachel Brooke -

    he’s got such expression!

      2.20.08 - 4:39 am

  28. Katy Regnier -

    What an adorable baby! Love the photos! The article was great too, thanks so much.

      2.20.08 - 5:01 am

  29. Simply Modern Weddings -

    oooh…what a little cutie! I just want to nuzzle up to his cheeks.

      2.20.08 - 6:11 am

  30. ricki ford -

    He is too cute!

      2.20.08 - 12:21 pm

  31. inga -

    Oh my! He is just a breath of fresh air!! How adorable!

      2.20.08 - 2:35 pm

  32. DrewB -

    Too cute! He has JD’s smile!

      2.20.08 - 5:44 pm

  33. allie -

    precious imgaes of an adorable little boy!!

      2.21.08 - 2:24 am

  34. brooke b. -

    what an adorable little one. love the hair!!! he looks like a happy & healthy little man…

      2.21.08 - 3:50 pm

  35. Tracy Vogel -

    Hey, Jasmine I really want to read your article, but I can’t seem to find it…I registered and everything with Pro Photo Resource, but can’t seem to get to your article??? Can you help? Am I just totally missing it? (that is a very confusing place to navigate) : (
    Thanks, Tracy

      2.21.08 - 7:21 pm

  36. Tiffany -

    yes…definitely love the afro-hawk…he’s so money and he doesn’t even know it!

      2.21.08 - 8:38 pm

  37. Tracy -

    Never mind I just wasn’t patient enough, I had to wait for Pro Photo Resource to approve my membership…ooops. : )
    Looking forward to more articles!

      2.22.08 - 4:16 pm

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