…Six Months Later


Six months ago, we stood in the ICU and prayed that little Corey Preston—our new little nephew—would be happy and healthy. He was born prematurely and, while he was still just a baby, we knew he was a fighter! We celebrated his six-month birthday last Sunday evening and he’s become the King Of The Family in such a short time…something tells me his smile and deep brown eyes are going to extend his reign for quite some time!

Just as the sun was setting, I snapped a few photos of Corey to document just how far he’s come…

Call me silly, but I think Corey’s afro-hawk is hilarious! 🙂

On a completely unrelated sidenote…
Pro Photo Resource just published a recent article I submitted. It focuses on my shooting preferences as well as shooting subjects backlit, so if you’re interested Check It Out!