Six Years


He sat across from me and shook his head in a way that said, you have no idea. I saw him, but continued to push forward, like I was presenting a case to a jury. Except we sat in a kitchen and the sun was setting. I explained life is too short to be unhappy and why must people feel like they’re fighting to make things work, instead of them merely working? Like they’re intended to.

JD, I said, I’m a quitter. When I’m unhappy, I quit…I was raised to believe this is okay. Life is too short to be unhappy.

He shook his head again, but this time he said, no. No, it’s not okay. Then the conversation took a drastic turn. Where I was referencing quitting a job or a book, his soul stirred deeper. You can’t quit at everything, he said. If what you said was true, it means you’d be willing to quit on us if you became unhappy. For him, quitting isn’t an option.

I laughed. Uncomfortably. What are you talking about, I asked.

JD looked me straight in the eyes and said, Jasmine, I’ve made one promise to God in my entire life. Just one. And that was to be with you until the day I died. In happiness and turmoil…in sickness and health. If I break that promise, I will have let God down. I’m going to be with you forever, even if there are times when it hurts.”

I sat on the kitchen stool in silence. And in that moment, I realized I married an incredible man.

Six years ago today, I stood on a beach in Hawaii and promised to love, honor, and cherish my husband. What I realize more today than ever was that JD swore to God to never leave my side and I am assured (more than ever) and know (in the depths of my soul) nothing will him stop from keeping it.

Happy Anniversary, JD!