Perhaps to those who live outside major cities and metropolitan areas, Southern California seems like a daunting and cavernous place to live. The traffic, the smog, the millions of people in just a few square miles. But the truth of the matter is that even in big cities, like Los Angeles or Orange County, a taste of small town living exists. At least in feeling, anyway.

Last night I had the honor of speaking at SmartyOC to a group of amazing people. The group is usually comprised of just women, but last night meeting was open for all (you know I love me some men!). I spoke about branding businesses online and the importance of social media. To this group of entrepreneurs and outside thinkers, I was preaching to the choir…but at least we all same the same tune! The night was wonderful with many thanks to SmartyOC’s leader, Cassie, and everyone who made me feel so welcomed. It felt like a Sweet Home Alabama. Just without the farms and cows.

The event was held at the Couture Beauty and Orange Door Studio in Newport Beach and I was in love…thanks Jeannie and Carlos! 🙂

Thanks again to those who came out, and thanks to JD for the photos…he also captured some video, so hopefully I can post a bit of here soon! 🙂