SmugMug Christmas Party 2009


I came to a sad realization yesterday. My dog is fat. Not fluffy, puffy, pudgy, rotund, or chubby. Fat. Two Christmases ago, I bought him a red, Santa-like jacket and he proudly wore it to my parents’ house for Christmas morning. Well, yesterday I rummaged through his box of clothes (please ignore the fact that my dog has a BOX OF CLOTHES) and decided I wanted him to wear it for a special blog announcement.

Well, guess what? That red Santa jacket? Doesn’t fit. Like, at all. I was so determined to shoot him in it, that I still tried making it work. And it did-ish. It didn’t close all the way, but I made him smile and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Onto the announcement….

Ladies and gentleman, Polo would like to cordially invite you to a SmugMug Christmas Party! Please join us in Orange County, as we combine the Los Angeles and San Diego SMUGs for a night of revelry and debauchery. Okay, maybe not that, but we’re definitely going to have a good time! We’ll be providing a holiday dessert station, complete with apple cider and hot cocoa, and a full bar should you like to make it a night you’ll never forget! 😉

What: SmugMug Holiday Party
When: Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7pm
Where: Mesa Verde Country Club 3000 Country Club Costa Mesa CA 92626
Cost: One can of food. We’ll be collecting canned food to donate to the Los Angeles Mission, so please feel free to bring what you can.

The night should be a wonderful time to connect with other photographers, give a little back to the community, and enjoy the holidays together. If you plan on coming, please leave a comment so we can plan accordingly…hope to see you there!