Speaking in NYC, Cocktails, + Wrapped in Bacon


When we arrived in NYC, I was exhausted. And hungry. This is a lethal combination when it comes to my life…like a Molotov cocktail wrapped in nuclear bacon. The taxi line at the airport was the length of football field and there’s wasn’t a taxi in sight (apparently we arrived during a driver shift change), so by the time we arrived to our hotel, I was ready to gnaw on my knuckles. We dropped off our bags and, again, couldn’t hail a taxi because it was rush hour. Or my hailing techniques were clearly Californian.

In a desperation, I turn to JD and tell him we should walk to dinner. The restaurant is two miles away, JD said as he shook his head. Listen, dude, I’m three seconds from gnawing off my knuckles OR YOUR FACE.

Yup, that’s the “wrapped in bacon” part.

We walked the first mile and my stomach ached with pain and I debated buying a pretzel, or roasted nuts, or a steamed running shoe. Anything would suffice. Around mile 1.7, I hailed a horse and carriage (the kind with faux fur lined seats) and begged the driver to drop us off at our restaurant a few blocks away. With a thick Russian accent, he told me it’d be $27.00. For four blocks?!? Dees ees Neu Yourk Ceetee, he replied.

By the time we finished our walk and JD pushed open the door to Ilili (a great recommendation from my best friend), nothing in my life had tasted better. And it was just the complimentary pita bread and water. We got around to talking about my presentation the following day and then the nerves settled in on overdrive. Last Wednesday, I had the honor of speaking to a group of amazing photographers at PhotoPlus/WPPI NYC and though I was terribly nervous, everyone warmed up quickly and we had great time.

JD wanted to show just how much I talk with my hands…whatevs…

To those who joined us for the presentation, thank you. You made the craziness of my trip worth every second and when JD scoffed when I bought a pair of boots later that day, all I had to reply was: Dees ees Neu Yourk Ceetee!

Oh! And congrats to Kimberly Butler for winning my lenses and camera gear contest for $100 gift certificate! Happy Friday!