St. Louis Here I Come!


Yesterday JD and I hosted The Workshop here in Orange County and I fell in love with the group. Seriously, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed doing what I love…and meeting such amazing people along the way. More on that later. The only downfall to workshops is that Polo is left alone for most of the day…and can’t handle it. He sits perched on a bench by the dining room table and cries for most the day. It’s true. Our neighbors say so. And if your heart didn’t just break into a THOUSAND MILLION PIECES, you have no heart. There, I said it.

This morning Polo was worried we’d leave him again, so when I put on his leash for the morning walk, he ran out the front door and waited. Patiently.

In other news, I’m incredibly excited to share I’ll be speaking in St. Louis this August! Kelly Manno planned the St. Louis Shot Party for August 18, 2010 and she’s planned a day full of speakers and a lot of fun! If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you soon! To get more info and register, CLICK HERE to do so.

Happy Wednesday!