St. Louis Shot Party


There’s no rational way to explain the urge. Or, as I like to refer to it, The Urge. We rolled into our St. Louis hotel suite at 1:30am last Wednesday and tried falling asleep. Don’t forget, I whispered to JD, I wanna see the Arch tomorrow. And there you have it: The Urge. I’m not a touristy person. In fact, anywhere you might spot Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs, and maps, I’m headed in the opposite direction. So of course it was odd I contracted a case of The Urge.

We woke the next morning and after calculating the time, expense, and drama involved, JD suggested chilling out instead. But what about my arch? My beloved arch?! The arch I never cared about until I planned on visiting St. Louis, but suddenly needed to see?! JD vacillated, but was convinced when I brought out the big guns: If I die tomorrow, I will have want to have known I saw the arch…it’s even on the Cingular commercial…it must be important!

So off to the arch we went. It was humid, there were bugs, but I finally saw my arch. Oh! And! The! Pictures! Yes, Internet, I busted out in full tourist mode and took pictures. Here’s JD with the My-wife-shoots-everything face…and me. Please don’t ask what I was doing. I have no idea. But I can’t help but think I look like I’m talking to an invisible friend. Let’s call her Gretchen. My invisible friend, Gretchen.

Much to JD’s chagrin, I asked a stranger to take our photo. Here’s the two things that make this photo epic:
1. JD’s eyes are closed. I’ll simply pretend he’s soaking in our happy moment together.
2. The top of the arch is cut off. Let’s just IMAGINE the arch is complete.

Later that night, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the St. Louis Shot Party, hosted by Kelly Manno. I had an absolutely ah-maz-zing time!! Meeting so many fabulous photographers just tickled me happy. The best part of the event is that Kelly decided to put it on all on her own. No organization, no formalities, no prior experience. She’d hosted events in the past, but decided to create a large-scale event and I have to commend her on a job well done!

So, my trip to St. Louis was fabulous, for more than one reason. Besides seeing the arch, JD and I ate at Pappy’s BBQ, had Ted Drewe’s concrete ice cream, played a penny slot at the Ameristar casino, and met one of the nicest groups. Ever. I hope to go back one day in the future!

Happy Tuesday!