Starbox Lunch : 3


People often underestimate the time a wedding photographer spends alone. The only moments I have human interaction in an average day is when I go to the gym and I’m ashamed to admit I see my fellow workout-a-holics more than I see my own family. I spend my day firmly planted behind my computer and while I absolutely LOVE what I do, I also miss the touch, sights, and sounds of a regular job. This is probably why I call JD 372 times a day.

Wha’cha doin’!?!
Oh, you know…this little thing called WORK…
Pffft! Okay, so I totally forgot to tell you that The Hills is starting again soon

And I also forgot to tell you that I need a pedicure
Uh huuuuh
And for lunch, I grilled soy chicken and veggies…and it was delish!

This is very much how a mid-day conversation with me will sound. Totally.Enthralling.

So you could just imagine how torturous life is when JD is away! He’s in Austin, Texas, but yesterday ten amazing people filled his shoes. Because, really, JD’s shoes are really hard to fill! 😉

Yesterday, I hosted my Third Ever Starbox Lunch! Woohoo! If you’d like to read about the last two, you can Click Here for a review. I love arranging these lunches because it’s a great way to meet new photographers and create an opportunity for people to network and build friendships. I LOVE IT! Every time I think the lunches can’t get any better, they do! Yesterday was a total blast…at least I had a good time…I hope everyone else felt the same way! 😉

We met at Buca Di Beppo in Irvine and, because of the size of our group, were seated at the notorious Pope Table. I somehow managed to sit at the center of the table with a picture of the Pope giving his blessing right above my head…I must’ve looked totally vain sitting in that chair, but I SWEAR it was an accident. Everyone must’ve thought was completely vain and conceited…either that or totally holy! Thank you to my new friends for not holding my chair choice against me…and providing the touch, sights, and sounds that I sometimes miss.

Top Row: Serena Grace Photography, Araxi Photography, Kymberli of Webbed Foot Photography, Ann Pasquini Photography, Danielle Reedy, Molly Yarchin of Luminaire Images
Bottom Row: Micah Gilmore Photography, Kat Willcox Photogaphy, Jasmine Star Photography, Sarah K. Chen Photography, and Jasmine Marie Photography

If anyone has snapshots from lunch, feel free to send them my way and I’ll add them here…well, on the condition that I don’t look completely heinous talking with my mouth full or something like that! 😉

I don’t have another lunch planned soon, but as soon as I get one going, I’ll be sure to blog about it and accept requests…please note, I cannot respond to Starbox emails until then. Thanks in advance for understanding! 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a couple pictures Serena caught of me dying of embarrassment as I sat in the Pope Chair