I just got home from a lovely staycation. You know, the newly minted term for a vacation close to home. A small smile broke across everyone’s lips when we told them we were staying in Laguna Beach from Irvine…which is just next door! It’s hard to get away during wedding season, but sneaking away from the busyness of our lives was so incredibly perfect for our anniversary. Very much like last year, JD and I simply wanted to check out and de-stress together. With gracious help from Jaime Puffer, she aligned a perfect stay for us at Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach and we loved every minute of it!

This morning, we slept in until 8am, hit the gym, and then darted to the beach to soak up the last few hours of serenity. JD and I spread out beach towels and we used a few more to shield us from the overcast skies and sea breezes. We layed in silence, listening to the sound of the ocean along the shore, and felt incredibly overwhelmed with what could have been the most perfect day. Perhaps it was. No, no, perhaps it is. I mean, really, we have everything that ever mattered (healthy families, amazing friends, living passionately, and own a perfect dog) and resting by the shore was simply a thick dollop of creamy sweetness.

While I realize every day cannot be perfect (and, trust me, I’ve had more than my share of pretty awful days), I am content savoring these moments and storing the memories.

I’m sad to say I forgot my camera, so JD and I made sure we used our iphones to help us remember the details of our fourth year together as husband and wife.