Stephanie and Steven : Engaged

Stephanie and Steven : Engaged


On the campus of Point Loma University. That’s where it happened. He saw her from a distance, and perhaps it was her smile, glow, or beautiful soul that drew him into Stephanie’s gravitational pull. Because she has that. A gravitational pull. The ability to lure people into her kindness and joy, each maintaining a happy orbit. Stephen and Stephanie hit it off immediately and they bonded over their love of golf. The Buick Invitational…in San Diego…really…you have tickets…of course we’ll go together! And that was that. They spent their first weekend together as teenagers at a golf tournament, and have remained by each others sides ever since.

And that’s where they were headed a few days ago. Stephanie and Stephen enjoyed the ride from Phoenix, Arizona and made their way to San Diego, California to the place of Stephanie’s first incident of the gravitational pull occurred. Before arriving, however, they paused in Orange County long enough for their engagement session.

The day was spent in a blissful state of laughter and joy…and kissing. Stephanie and Stephen are two of the most loving, kind and genuine people and their love is simply a manifestation for their care of others. I’m beyond thrilled to be shooting their wedding later this year and I know it’s going to be nothing short of fabulous! Here are a few of my favorites, as well as a slideshow

Stephanie owns Tunnel Photography in Phoenix, Arizona, so she brought along her grandparents’ vintage cameras as a way to incorporate her style and personality…and I was in LOVE!

One thing about Stephen….when I arrived to the engagement session, I was him sitting alone under the shade of a nearby tree. We’d never met before, but he gathered who I was from my camera (and my annoying laugh, I’m sure). He waved from a distance and greeted me with a big hug. We were virtually strangers, but he gave me a hug and made me feel like an old friend. Stephanie…you’re one lucky girl to be marrying such a kind man!

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  1. Deyla Huss Photography -

    Awesome session J! I love the old Bike with the flowers and the cameras!! Gotta love these types of accessories for shoots!

      2.9.09 - 5:12 pm

  2. sharon -

    Jasmine! These are stunning! I love the light!
    Okay, so say I loose 20lbs and Jeramy and I renew our vows… is it over kill if we do engagement photos too? Would they be called "engagement photos"?
    I want pictures of me and Jeramy like this!

    And I’m I leaving a comment before Jeramy? I love beating him!
    ( not that it’s a race or anything…)

      2.9.09 - 5:19 pm

  3. Stephanie Stewart -

    Love the incorporation of the vintage cameras, the bike and the flowers. What a fun shoot! Can’t wait to see more!

      2.9.09 - 5:25 pm

  4. Val -

    WOW! These are absolutely fabulous!

      2.9.09 - 5:27 pm

  5. Michelle Moore -

    How CUTE are they!? LOVE this location 🙂 So awesome!

      2.9.09 - 5:27 pm

  6. wendymarie -

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! What a great looking couple! I can only imagine how beautiful their babies will be.

      2.9.09 - 5:28 pm

  7. joyful weddings and events -

    What a cute couple! Great session Jas!

      2.9.09 - 5:33 pm

  8. Dani -

    Oh Jasmine! They are just the most amazingly adorable couple I have ever seen. What a fabulous job you’ve done. Makes me want to move to Arizona and be their friend! Is that creepy?

      2.9.09 - 5:39 pm

  9. Candace Prokopets -

    What a beautiful couple. I love the color in these images and how fun and creative they all are. Great work, J*!!

      2.9.09 - 5:39 pm

  10. Tiffany -

    great engagement photos! They have such a fresh, sunny feel to them

      2.9.09 - 5:40 pm

  11. Kayla -

    Wow! These are gorgeous! I love the locations and all the shots. Great job!

      2.9.09 - 5:45 pm

  12. Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs -

    So cute…What great subjects!

      2.9.09 - 5:46 pm

  13. Sarah Barlow -

    WHOA!!!! These are seriously incredible!! LOVE the bike with the flowers…such a perfect touch! 🙂

      2.9.09 - 5:49 pm

  14. Dennis Bullock -

    J there is something about this shoot that I just love. Their style, location, the bike, colors…its just all there and it is great!

      2.9.09 - 5:50 pm

  15. Chelsea Elizabeth -

    Love the bike images! those look like to much fun! amazing images as usual 🙂

      2.9.09 - 5:54 pm

  16. Jamie Delaine -

    GAH! Cutest. Couple. Ever. Award. Stephanie will read this and laugh because I’ve definitely commented on her facebook and told her that many, many times. She is stunnnning and I swear her fiance is the doppelganger of Jess from Gilmore Girls. 😉

      2.9.09 - 5:55 pm

  17. Velia -

    Oh Jasmine these are all
    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I was looking forward to this session and I am loving it. They are all FABOULOUS. Great job as always

      2.9.09 - 5:56 pm

  18. Tira J -

    Jas, you did it again! Absolutely gorgeous images. I just love the use of the light, and the colors totally pop.

      2.9.09 - 5:59 pm

  19. Joan Solitario -

    WOW! That’s it.. just WOW!

      2.9.09 - 6:09 pm

  20. Jessica Smith -

    I love the ones with the bike and the ones laying down in the field.. the colors are just so awesome in these! You can tell what a sweet, FUN couple this is! :0)

      2.9.09 - 6:21 pm

  21. nicole green -

    so very cute 🙂

      2.9.09 - 6:24 pm

  22. kristin cook -

    Very cute and creative! They look like they were a really fun couple to work with 🙂

      2.9.09 - 6:25 pm

  23. nena -

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO! You are so amazing. I have no words! =-)

      2.9.09 - 6:31 pm

  24. Lydia -

    This is my favorite engagement session ever! Stephanie and Steven are so cute! I’m going to have to find me a guy ’cause I want pictures just like these!

      2.9.09 - 6:32 pm

  25. Della Huff -

    Wow, you outdid yourself with these! The light and locations are fab, and the gorgeous couple doesn’t hurt, either!

      2.9.09 - 6:34 pm

  26. Roxie -

    OMG – AMAZING! Probably one of my FAVORITE e-sessions of yours. Absolutely amazing! And of course having the cutest couple helps a lot too! You are ultra-fabulous!! 🙂

      2.9.09 - 6:37 pm

  27. Curtis Farmer -

    AAAGUGGGGLAAAH!!! That’s the noise I made as I scrolled through these AWESOME images. I didn’t even have words to describe how much I loved the priceless photos of these people I’ve never met.. so that noise was all I could come up with… AAAGUGGGGLAAAH!!! Jasmine, you continue to rock.

      2.9.09 - 6:40 pm

  28. smitten photography -

    holy buckets. these are OUT of control amazing. what a beautiful couple! your work is perfection 🙂

      2.9.09 - 6:41 pm

  29. Feuza -

    Umm,what a beautiful bride to be, there kids are going to be hotties…lol
    great colors, what lense did you mostly use on these?

      2.9.09 - 6:43 pm

  30. Amanda -

    Awesome! This is one of my favorite sessions that you’ve done… beautiful! It doesn’t hurt that the couple is gorgeous either!

      2.9.09 - 6:44 pm

  31. jenberry -

    wow. just wow. perfect. wow.

      2.9.09 - 6:44 pm

  32. jeramy -

    wow….tough to find a favorite. i love the one under the porch on the left….i love the one in the field….oh, and the one where he’s taking her picture and the sun is coming down through the trees….super cool!

      2.9.09 - 6:48 pm

  33. Jen @ Green Wedding Shoes -

    Love these! Bike photos are my fav 🙂

      2.9.09 - 6:49 pm

  34. Marianne Wilson -

    You rocked these out! I love the use of the cameras! Adorable 🙂

      2.9.09 - 6:50 pm

  35. Navy Sou -

    …and it just keeps on gettin’ betta’! You have an endless amount of talent and creativity! Where do you get that juice from, girl? Can I get some of what you’re drinking???

      2.9.09 - 6:50 pm

  36. Jessica Griffin -

    What an absolutely gorgeous couple! They look very genuine!

      2.9.09 - 6:51 pm

  37. angel swanson -

    hearts in my eyes!! gorgeous couple, stylish outfits, fabulous props (the bike! the cameras!). i’m in eye candy heaven. 😉 xoxo

      2.9.09 - 6:54 pm

  38. Amy -

    I am sooo in love with these!!!!

      2.9.09 - 6:56 pm

  39. jess@studio3z -

    i think this has to be one of my favorite engagement sessions of yours. wonderful.

      2.9.09 - 6:57 pm

  40. Courtney Dellafiora -

    You. Are. A. Photographer. Goddess.

    Seriously. You are SO GOOD!

      2.9.09 - 7:04 pm

  41. Nicole (perfectlyposh) -

    What a fabulous session! They are gorgeous and the images are amazing. Beautiful as always Jasmine!

      2.9.09 - 7:04 pm

  42. Aimee Greeblemonkey -

    Gorgeous. My fave is in the yellow flowers and through the bikes.

      2.9.09 - 7:05 pm

  43. lucy -

    indeed…eye candy heaven…loving the props,the outfits, the location, the lighting, and the camera’s…

      2.9.09 - 7:06 pm

  44. Nataly -

    Simply beautiful!

      2.9.09 - 7:07 pm

  45. Amanda Wilcher -

    What a beautiful story along with beautiful photographs and BEAUTIFUL people. : ) I love it…yet again!

      2.9.09 - 7:09 pm

  46. matt dorroh -

    Love it! Gorgeous images 🙂

      2.9.09 - 7:11 pm

  47. Detrick -

    absolutely sickening! LOL can there be anymore love, excitement, happiness or good looks there? and jasmine, well you know, U ROCK. how do you get such good skin tones?

      2.9.09 - 7:15 pm

  48. Sara D Harper -

    LOVE it!!! This is the cutest e session ever Jasmine!! I’m jealous that I didn’t shoot it! haha. GREAT job!!!

      2.9.09 - 7:16 pm

  49. Kevin -

    I never get bored with your work….I go to other sites and I honestly do not get pulled into the work as much as I do with yours. You can through all your work and each shoot tells a different story. It is amazing. You also have a way with words that adds to the photographs. Thank you for being inspiring!

      2.9.09 - 7:22 pm

  50. Adrienne Gunde -

    Love the bike (with the flowers!), love the cameras, love their cute smiles and stylish outfits! And last but not least, love LOVE your amazing images!! This shoot is beyond spectacular!

      2.9.09 - 7:26 pm

  51. Jonathan Stade -

    All I have to say is: I really must get my wife a pair of those boots. Oh, and congrats on the fantastic shoot. The last one cracks me up with them in the basket 😛

      2.9.09 - 7:28 pm

  52. Holli True -

    You totally captured my dream shot that I want of my hubby and I!!! (The one in the field where they are nose-to-nose) PERFECTION!! One of these days you are totally going to do a session for us! Amazing shoot, Jasmine!

      2.9.09 - 7:32 pm

  53. samantha -

    Okay. I don’t think I’ve ever asked a question before, but I have an issue that I seriously need help with. How. do. you. focus?? I also use canon and primes. I also shoot wide open when possible. First, getting bride and groom both in focus (when shooting wide open). Secondly, do you use just one focus square and if so where do you ‘point’ it? I’ve tried using one focus square and I ‘ve also tried using all of them, but that takes forever and several pushing the shutter half-way down to get the ones to light up that I want to light up. If that makes sense. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!

      2.9.09 - 7:32 pm

  54. melissa jo copeland -

    great pics, shes adorable!

      2.9.09 - 7:35 pm

  55. Heidi @ Zenadia -

    Such cute pictures!! I love the bike with the flowers in the basket. Your work is so amazing!!

      2.9.09 - 7:43 pm

  56. jackie wonders -

    this is my favorite shoot of yours..ever. i love everything about it. i feel like it shows another fold of your talent…awesomeness.

      2.9.09 - 7:51 pm

  57. kate -

    i know i said this before, but damn, they have good style. what a perfect couple to get to photograph.

    i love the pictures, especially the ones in the field! those flowers are awesome.

      2.9.09 - 8:00 pm

  58. Raquel -

    you say you are lucky to photograph them later in the year, but girl….I think they are beyond blessed to have you there to photgraph them! You Rock!

      2.9.09 - 8:07 pm

  59. Meg -

    Gorgeous as usual! Wonderful light and style- beautiful!

      2.9.09 - 8:22 pm

  60. Kelly Braman -

    Seriously?! Beautiful people, with beautiful style, beautiful setting,and of course-Beautiful Images! Love it!

      2.9.09 - 8:27 pm

  61. Lisette Price -

    I am in LOVE with every single one of these photos. Beautiful couple, gorgeous light…just fabulous!

      2.9.09 - 8:29 pm

  62. Beth -

    These took my breath away, literally! The slideshow feels like a trailer to a great chick flick! Awesome job!

      2.9.09 - 8:30 pm

  63. jennifer -

    LOVELY…just lovely!

      2.9.09 - 8:31 pm

  64. Christa -

    Love, Love, Love!

      2.9.09 - 8:32 pm

  65. tunji sarumi -


      2.9.09 - 8:40 pm

  66. jesi haack -

    love the boots, love the tie, love the bike, love the pics, love it love it love it!!!

      2.9.09 - 8:41 pm

  67. Susann Saarel -

    Wow! That’s some engagement session!…the cutest couple, a fabulous photographer and a bunch of great locations and props…love bike & the vintage cameras! There must be over 50 images in the slideshow…how many images do your clients receive in a typical portrait or engagement session? The more, the better, of course!

      2.9.09 - 8:47 pm

  68. detailnoticer -

    Is his named spelled ‘Steven’ or ‘Stephen’? You have it spelled both ways. I think a client would appreciate the correct spelling.

      2.9.09 - 8:53 pm

  69. Audrey -

    does that guy look just like milo ventimiglia or what? love your pictures, jasmine – always do! keep inspiring me! 🙂

      2.9.09 - 8:55 pm

  70. Jen May -

    Love the bike and basket of flowers they brought–they really prepared beautifully for their shoot! Great job capturing them 🙂

      2.9.09 - 8:58 pm

  71. Bobbie Brown -

    Oh my. These.are.amazing. AMAZING! Everything about this shoot is perfect! The location, the couple is gorgeous, the bike, the field of yellow flowers, and of course the old camera’s just stole my heart away!! I love the ones of them ‘shooting’ each other!!!! J* you are amazing!

      2.9.09 - 9:07 pm

  72. Ashley -

    your pictures are always fabulous!!!

      2.9.09 - 9:15 pm

  73. laura stetser -

    wow, what a gorgeous couple! beautiful session – can definitely see the love between them.

      2.9.09 - 9:18 pm

  74. Kara Lodder -

    GORGEOUS session…
    Def . one of my faves so far…

      2.9.09 - 9:35 pm

  75. Colin Charles -

    Absolutely love the quality of your images

      2.9.09 - 9:35 pm

  76. Allen Arrick -

    Wow, I wish we had bright green field in Texas right now. You California people are so lucky – beautiful weather, beautiful everything!

      2.9.09 - 9:36 pm

  77. Tracy -

    these are amazing. they are going to LOVE them!

      2.9.09 - 9:47 pm

  78. Kristen Dawn -

    I love to see how you continue to ooah and aahh my computer screen. When I first started to watch your blog I thought, "Wow this girl is amazing, perfect, couldn’t be better!" But you DO get better and better every shoot you do and I can only hope to continue to grow just like yourself. Thanks for the non stop inspiration.

      2.9.09 - 9:56 pm

  79. Erika Lais Photo Blog -

    Just PERFECT!!!! No more single word!!!!

      2.9.09 - 9:58 pm

  80. Cherie-Lynn Buchanan -

    Love these. My fav is the one where they’re laughing- her eyes are closed and her nose is wrinkled. J* you did it again.

      2.9.09 - 10:09 pm

  81. Kare -

    Love, love, love the one in the field (but they’re all super!). And while I’m here, can I just say how much I love my fellow J* blogstalkers? You have some incredibly talented people getting great ideas from you! And all such sharers of ideas. Love it!

      2.9.09 - 10:20 pm

  82. B -

    Ugh! How cute are they?! I LOVE this shoot 🙂

      2.9.09 - 10:23 pm

  83. Rhendy Amador -

    Absolutely Fabulous!! Gorgeous!!

      2.9.09 - 10:23 pm

  84. AleksRachael -

    Jasmine I looooove these!!! Do you bring your own props?

      2.9.09 - 10:29 pm

  85. Lesley -

    Wow, as always so stunning! 🙂

      2.9.09 - 10:54 pm

  86. rachel -

    beautiful!! The light is just gorgeous!

      2.9.09 - 11:00 pm

  87. Laura G -

    The light is just SO magical! Nice work!

      2.9.09 - 11:14 pm

  88. Robyn -

    this is the cutest engagement session! i love how you shoot thru the bike!

      2.9.09 - 11:41 pm

  89. The Last Forty Percent Photography -

    Beautiful lighting! And great location – we don’t have anything like this around here – boo 🙁

      2.9.09 - 11:55 pm

  90. stacy t -

    they are super super cute!! they are going to make some dang adorable babies.

      2.10.09 - 12:20 am

  91. Julie from Elysium -

    Are you serious? These photos are insane! It was awesome observing you in action (again) and this couple is SO LUCKY to have you!!!! You are so talented girl!

      2.10.09 - 12:29 am

  92. Lacey -

    This gorgeous couple + your amazing talent= photos I could look at all day!!!

      2.10.09 - 12:32 am

  93. Cristen Clark -

    Wow… is like I want to frame these and post them on my wall all over the house!! Love it!

      2.10.09 - 12:33 am

  94. denise karis -

    jasmine, these are so good! I love the old cameras – so cute!

      2.10.09 - 12:34 am

  95. Alice -

    I think this is my fav Engagement session you have done! Amazing light, beautiful couple and lovely colors.

      2.10.09 - 12:47 am

  96. Harmony -

    Jasmine, these are fabulous! I love the way you incorporated the bike.

      2.10.09 - 12:51 am

  97. Rae -

    This is not only my favorite session from you….it’s my favorite session EVER! LOVE it.

      2.10.09 - 12:54 am

  98. Mel-IMAGEine Couture Photography -

    BEAUTIFUL! Jasmine you inspire me! By the way I took your tip and purchased myself some Kubota…AMAZING!!! I look forward to getting more and also some Totally Rad actions.

      2.10.09 - 1:01 am

  99. Simone -

    Love, love, love these! There is such emotion in these pictures! Seriously, you are so gifted, girl!
    Question for you. What time of day did you start this shoot? The lighting is beautiful.

      2.10.09 - 1:17 am

  100. Daniel & Candice Lanning -

    what a great shoot, jasmine! love the punches of color that were incorporated with outfits and props….great stuff1

      2.10.09 - 1:20 am

  101. Delwyn -

    I love love LOVE their outfits! Jasmine you’re like my hero of all photographers such beautiful moments captured and always so clear and perfectly focused!

      2.10.09 - 1:29 am

  102. Leandra -

    I think this is my favorite session of yours ever. The pictures just seem so… happy! Beautiful colors and style and couple.

      2.10.09 - 2:02 am

  103. Melissa -

    What a Beautiful Couple! & to have had the honor of having you capture that =)

      2.10.09 - 2:07 am

  104. Cathy Crawley -

    Miss Jasmine, this is my fave session of the year so far! The bike, the flowers, the clothes, the locations the couple, I love it ALL! I’m in love………. *swoon* 🙂

      2.10.09 - 2:07 am

  105. Shannon Ksenak -

    What a gorgeous couple! Your pictures make me want to get to know them. We’d totally be friends…. 🙂 Just when I think your pictures are the best I’ve ever seen, you totally out do yourself! Amazing.

      2.10.09 - 2:32 am

  106. Affi -

    Absolutely love these photos. They are just such a cute pair.

      2.10.09 - 2:33 am

  107. -

    beautiful couple! These photos are very refreshing and organic.

      2.10.09 - 3:20 am

  108. rachel brooke -

    oh wow. incase the whole world was wondering what my email was. ha! sorry about that.

      2.10.09 - 3:21 am

  109. rikka -

    where did she get that adorable belted dress?! I must have 🙂

      2.10.09 - 3:41 am

  110. Indio -

    Could these be any more perfect? You’re awesome!

      2.10.09 - 4:20 am

  111. jewelielyn -

    wonderful, beautiful photos! love the bike and especially the first location.

      2.10.09 - 4:37 am

  112. Vanessa de Villiers -

    WOW Jasmine, absolutely stocked with this shoot! Stunning photo’s!

      2.10.09 - 5:17 am

  113. Jo -

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to be a kill joy, but I just have to say it. Why do we never post pictures of less-than-gorgeous people on our blogs and websites??? I’m guilty of it too, but do you ever wonder what the average "Jo" thinks when she looks at a photographer’s portfolio and only sees movie star types? What about the other 98% of the population? I’ve decided I’m going to make more of an effort to keep it real and start posting pics of all my clients – not just the ones that stop traffic with their beauty. Jasmine, you’re a brilliant photographer and I love your work. Today I just feel a bit pissummed.

      2.10.09 - 5:18 am

  114. brooke bowland -

    this one just put me over the edge on my J* blogtastic lovin’. seriously. totally stunning. love everything about these!

      2.10.09 - 5:56 am

  115. Cynthia Q. -

    I aDORE these photos Jasmine!

      2.10.09 - 5:57 am

  116. Ann Hamilton -

    Love ’em! Great work.

      2.10.09 - 6:03 am

  117. Stephanie Fay -

    Jasmine- I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you have put into these photos. We could not be happier with them! THEY ARE AMAZING! thank you my friend! Cant wait to see you soon. 🙂

      2.10.09 - 6:16 am

  118. Jasmine* -

    @Jo: I don’t know who the "we" you are referring to, but I want to clarify that I post 100% of my client images. Every. single. client gets an appearance on my blog. Yes, all my clients happen to be fabulously good looking and I’m blessed to be working with every single one of them.

      2.10.09 - 6:21 am

  119. Nancy Ramos -

    What a wonderful couple. Beautiful photos

      2.10.09 - 6:27 am

  120. Julie Cruz -

    I LOVE all of these. Such a gorgeous couple….and such magical shots. Amazing…as always. I hate your guts for being so awesome 😉

      2.10.09 - 6:34 am

  121. Abi -

    J* ~ First of all, what an AMAZING, gorgeous shoot! Literally, perfection. Second, don’t pay any mind to the critics out there. Those of us who love you know you shoot only beautiful pictures and make all of us look like rock star, super models. Rock. On.

      2.10.09 - 6:55 am

  122. Jenny Sun -

    WOW. I know that gets old, and I am totally sounding like a broken record, but your work is constantly so inspiring, warm, and real. You feel like you know the couple when you shoot them 🙂 Thank you. Well, just cos 🙂

      2.10.09 - 7:27 am

  123. Lisa -

    WOW this pictures are gorgeous! I love the colors, and all the backlit photos. I’m dying to know how you do it … BTW I’ve been spying on your blog for awhile now and love it. I’ll try to leave more comments and not be so silent! 🙂

      2.10.09 - 11:33 am

  124. Christopher -

    Awesome as always!

      2.10.09 - 11:43 am

  125. Miz Booshay -

    The stars aligned….the angels smiles….the light, the processing, the adorable couple!!! Absolutely flawless!

      2.10.09 - 12:14 pm

  126. Karyn May -

    Seriously Gorgeous Jasmine!!!!! I just love the bike with the flower basket and the couple is SOO adorable!

      2.10.09 - 12:33 pm

  127. Fatima -

    Jasmine.. absolutely breathless! Looking at the images I can hear them laughing! So AWESOME! Hats off to you! Great work and they are a great looking couple!

      2.10.09 - 12:49 pm

  128. AleksRachael -

    Jasmine you rock it out every time. I think the true talent of a photographer is to make every couple look their best. Yes many of your clients are good looking but you also work your magic with them as well! ROCK ON!

      2.10.09 - 12:52 pm

  129. Katie Jo -

    I’m pretty sure this might be my favorite shoot of yours to date…I wish I could master lighting and skin tones like you do…practice makes perfect I suppose….so breathtaking.

      2.10.09 - 1:23 pm

  130. arielle Langhorne -

    They’re all beautiful! and I love the music.

      2.10.09 - 1:35 pm

  131. adam @ shutterspeeedster -

    That’s it. I quit. These are too good. You are cheating somehow. It’s just not fair. And your obviously hiring supermodels now.

      2.10.09 - 1:43 pm

  132. SJ Styles -


      2.10.09 - 1:44 pm

  133. Chris C -

    Awesome! Jasmine, how do you get your ‘groom-to-be’ to let loose? Especially those that don’t like to be photographed!

      2.10.09 - 2:08 pm

  134. Abby -

    Absolutely amazing! Your an inspiration to me as an aspiring photographer! Totally love them and you!

      2.10.09 - 2:13 pm

  135. Kristin Mizo -

    Could this couple be any more good looking? Geesh! Gorgeous as always…love the light.

      2.10.09 - 2:25 pm

  136. gina amin -

    WOWZA! Thats all I can say 🙂

      2.10.09 - 2:32 pm

  137. Robin M in AR -

    Gosh, Jasmine. These are beautiful!

      2.10.09 - 2:36 pm

  138. Leah Lund -

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    hi Jasmine, I just watched the slideshow and all i can say is wow, wow !!!! did i say wow !!.
    Im constantly in awe of your work and something else i have noticed is that you always get the skin tones bang on !!!
    How do you do that ? Thats something i really struggle with, that and the correct white balance etc etc etc.
    Awesome work.

      2.10.09 - 3:11 pm

  141. Karen -

    Fabulissimo as usual Jasmine, and I make up words too! Love the use of the bike in these.

      2.10.09 - 3:37 pm

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    Jasmine, I apologize. I wasn’t being critical or accusing you of anything. I had been surfing photography blogs for an hour (yours, Dane’s, Kevin Kubota’s, etc) and had noticed that everyone was thin, gorgeous, etc. It just had me thinking that I had never seen any ordinary, average "me" type people in any of my favorite blogs and I was wondering whether photographers did it deliberately or if they only shot gorgeous people (by choice or otherwise). I wasn’t trying to be critical, just bringing up a question that was rattling around in my head. Sorry to have offended you. I have this disease where I speak before I think about how it will sound when it comes out.

      2.10.09 - 3:52 pm

  143. Bryan -

    Beautiful photos Jasmine, very creative and very hard to pick favorites as they are all great! Thanks for speaking on Photography Mentor the other night too, you really did a great job and I so enjoyed and learned from listening!

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    *Hey, if you need a second while in San Diego, let me know :)**

    Love the bike! 🙂

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      2.10.09 - 6:16 pm


    How adorable! I love all the details in this session from their cute clothes to the cool bike with the flower basket to the awesome cameras, everything rocked this session! Awesome like always Jasmine.

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      2.10.09 - 8:44 pm

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    Me again, I just couldn’t go without saying that as an over weight and self-conscious woman Jasmine made me feel and look absolutely incredible when she photographed Devin, my husband and I back in March. When I look at those images (which is almost daily still) I see the me I think I am. You know the person we see in our minds instead of the one that confronts me every morning in the mirror. And for the record our awesome session was posted to this blog on March 27, 2008.

      2.10.09 - 10:16 pm

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    Your blog is always a joy to read!

      2.11.09 - 1:08 am

  167. Jasmine* -

    Firstly, THANK YOU for your kind comments. My amazing clients deserve all the credit as I merely showed up and pointed a camera in their direction! 🙂 A few people have asked what lenses I shot with for this session. As with all my engagement sessions, I shoot with the 50mm, 1.2, 85mm, 1.2, and the 24mm, 1.2. I shoot with the 50mm about 60% of the time, 85mm about 30% of the time, and the 24mm about 10% of the time. Or something like that! 😉 For those of you who asked about white balance, I simply shoot with the Canon 5DmarkII set to auto white balance mode. I don’t have any tools for white balance, but I will say that camera captures some amazing color! Again, thank you to those who take the time to leave feedback on the blog and I appreciate your kind words more than you know! 🙂

      2.11.09 - 1:37 am

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      2.11.09 - 3:52 am

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    You are so generous too in your sharing of information (like what lenses you tend to use)! You’re so talented, yet you don’t act like you have some major secret to keep or act snobby about your skills or anything. 😉

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  180. allie - These are ALL so fun and gorgeous!!

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    As one of 183 comments I doubt you’ll even read this but I’m compelled to comment anyway. Not often do my friends surprise me with their talent. I *know* how amazing you are. Looking at more amazing-ness with each new post, therefore, is expected. That is… I come here expecting fabulous pictures. This shoot, however, surprised me. The overwhelming awesomeness seemed to never end. You are incredible. And how do you get such beautiful couples?!

      2.12.09 - 10:49 pm

  184. cassandra m -

    WOW….I was in Puerto Rico this past week and missed alot I see. This shoot is full of color and vitality. Great energy here! Beautiful couple and I love that they are so stylish. I was smiling really big as this is my first post viewing in a week. 😉

      2.16.09 - 4:13 pm

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    greetings from Poland

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