Sweet and the Not-So-Sweet


There are two versions of Paul, ShowIt’s amazing videographer.

The Sweet and the Not-So-Sweet.


Take a look at this innocent face…doesn’t he look like the good boy next door?

I captured this photo of Paul while he shot along side me during the engagement shoot in Las Vegas. There were a few emails asking if photographers could tag along and while I initially loved the idea, I want to make sure that I use these sessions as a way for me to click with my clients and get to know them on a personal basis. If there were fifteen other photographers, I think it would have been difficult. In lieu of this, Paul offered to come along and film me…with hopes of posting snippets of my clients in action from a real shoot.

Here are a few still frames from video of what’s to come…

I Am So Cool It Hurts.


Here’s a blooper from Shelley&Brett’s Wedding we shot together last month. This is precisely why I worry bringing along a videographer…he has all my dorkiness ON FILM.