Taeler and Dana : Wedding


He planned a day at the beach for the two of them. Dana organized the day meticulously in order to sweep Taeler off her feet. They played in the warm sand and later relaxed in the beautiful weather. Dana then told Taeler he wanted her to play a game: He’d play a song and Taeler would have to guess what each represented. So she listened. Our first date…our trip to the river… Dana smiled enthusiastically as Taeler correctly named eleven out of eleven.

Then he stumped her with a country song. Puzzled, Taeler looked to Dana for help. Listen to the words… The arched words crept from the speakers and the singer said it was ‘bout time I slipped a ring on your finger.

It was then when Dana asked Taeler to spend the rest of his life with him.

Last Saturday, the words of the country singer came to fruition. The golden sun mercilessly shone on the rolling hills of The Crossings at Carlsbad for a fabulous wedding. Friends and family gathered to watch two amazing people promise to live one amazing life. And while eleven songs marked very important moments in their lives, there is no doubt there will be hundreds more to come…each representing the power of love they share.

Taeler and Dana…you rock my world. Thank you for inviting JD and me to share in such an extraordinary wedding day. Thank you for the laughter, the joy, and, yes, even the tears! 😉 I’m honored to call you friends and I hope you have the time of your lives in Jamaica…get your hair braided, dance to reggae, and get a good tan for me! 😉 Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Taeler prepared in the Clubhouse and while I initially panicked when I saw the mahogany walls and ceiling (and the total of three ceiling lights), I was relieved when I discovered I could illuminate the dark room with my Sunpak ReadyLite 20. I usually prefer shooting in natural light, but in a situations like this, I was thanking sweetbabyjesus for this hand-held light!! 🙂

Taeler and Dana opted for a First Look–which, as many of my readers know, makes me SOOO happy! Because it was over one hundred degrees outside, we decided to stay indoors for as long as possible…

Taeler and Dana had THE COOLEST bridal party…they were so fun and up for anything! 🙂

During the reception, the bartender came up to me and chided me like I was a child. Apparently, he saw me as I was getting the following shot and said that I could’ve seriously been bitten by a rattlesnake. People are normally prohibited where I was standing, but how was I supposed to know?! 🙂

The look of a girl who just married her best friend…

The look of sisters who couldn’t be happier…

JD caught this moment…

The ever vivacious Entertainment Director, Peter Merry of Merry Weddings, roasted each couple as they were announced for the Grand Entrance and I loved their reactions…

The First Dance

Taeler had such a sweet Father-Daughter Dance

The Grand Exit

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

**A special THANKS goes to Vern of The Hobo Soul for joining JD and me…he’s one of the best photographer’s videographers around!! His work will be debuting for me soon! 😉 **