Tanya and Cesar : Anytime


A friend of a friend. That’s how it worked. Sort of.

Cesar saw Tanya on his friend’s profile, and there was something about her that popped from his computer screen. Her smile, her long brown hair, her looks. He immediately called his friend and asked for a good word hookup. After a self-proclaimed terrible first date (complete with his car being totaled), Cesar doubted Tanya would give him another chance. But she did…again and again and again. They married close to three years ago and are completely in love, both with each other and their photography business.

They flew from Dallas, Texas last week and sat warming in the Huntington Beach sun along Main Street. Cesar stood holding his camera bag, making awkward shadows on the grey sidewalk, and Tanya gazed at surfers will their longboards perched on their heads as they walked past. They arrived prepared for the engagement session they never had and were ready to have a little fun in Orange County.

Tanya and Cesar, thank you for making my afternoon so enjoyable. It was great meeting you in person and I think nothing but the highest of you both. The passion you possess is evident and I’m honored to allowed me to document your love. Yes, I was quite possibly the MOST nervous I’ve ever been before an engagement session, but I thank you for immediately putting me at ease. Again, thank you and I look forward to our paths crossing again soon! Much Love…J*

Tanya and Cesar wanted to start the shoot with a more urban feel, so we walked around Huntington for a bit before heading to the beach…

To see more of their photos, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!**I’ve never done this before, but when I saw this picture, I fell out laughing. So I have to post it. Tanya and Ceasar had their cameras out while I was shooting and snapped the following picture and posted it on their blog…hilarious! I’m quite sure I’m going to get a frigid email from my mother insisting I couldn’t possibly have been sane in dressing the way I did for this engagement session, but, hey, I wanted to be comfortable while I was shooting! 🙂