Terranea Wedding : Sonya + Eric

Terranea Wedding : Sonya + Eric


She complimented her bridesmaids as she rushed through the casita. That dress looks great on you…oooh, I love your hair…you look stunning. So often the day was made about others that her friends took the time to stop Sonya and remind her that the day was about her. And Eric. About them together, but it took getting used to because she’s only ever been about everyone else. Selfless, that’s how she’s described by those who know her best and love her most.

Eric is equally as loved and deeply respected. Not only playing for powerhouse NFL teams, Eric served as captain for most of them, drawing the affection and loyalty of his teammates. He’s lauded for his warm embrace anyone who crosses his path, be in on the field or one of his favorite beach hangouts.

Last Saturday, Selflessness and Warmth married at Terranea Resort…Sonya and Eric vowed their lives to each other in front of their friends and family, creating a day just as much about their guests as it was about them…and they wouldn’t have wanted it any differently.

Sonya and Eric, words can’t express how thankful I am to be a part of your love story. It was honor getting to know you and documenting your wedding day. Your friends and family are amazing and I have no doubt you’re destined for abundant success with them at your sides. Much Love and Appreciation… j*

The day started brilliantly at Terranea Resort…I was thankful to have Messex Industries letterpress map to personalize the ring shot…

The day was gorgeous and every corner was a backdrop for photos…especially Sonya’s Vera Wang wedding dress…

…and a pair of fabulous Jimmy Choo’s!

Sonya and Eric opted to see each other before the wedding ceremony for a private moment together…and seeing his stunning bride brought tears to Eric’s eyes…

Many thanks to JD for capturing moments and details that personalize a wedding…

Sonya is beautiful on the inside and out…and many thanks to Contour Foussa for makeup and Sarah Daly for hair…

Just after the First Look, the bridal party headed to the wedding ceremony…obviously looking their best…

The day was slightly overcast, but the Terranea Resort always offers a gorgeous background…

The most evident thing about their love is how they make each other happy…they’re always making the other laugh…

…see what I mean?!?

Officially official…

While guests enjoyed cocktail hour…

…Eric and Sonya snuck away for a few more photos along the gorgeous coast at Terranea

Eric joked that Sonya was getting all the photo attention, but little did he realize JD had his back with photos like this one…

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention just how amazing Erin + Angela of Sterling Social were in making this wedding truly perfect….their hard work, dedication, and professionalism made the day lovely and I was incredibly lucky to be alongside such a great team! Annnnnd if that wasn’t enough, they suggested sparkly and sequence tablecloths from La Tavola for the reception…love them!

Like always, working with the ever fab R. Jack Balthazar for florals and design makes my heart happy…they’re artists and incredible at what they do!

The First Dance from JD’s perspective…

…from my perspective…

I’ll end on this note because the party was epic, especially with DJ Tendaji Lathan mixing the night away…

To see more of Sonya and Eric’s Terranea Wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slidshow with Andrew Belle music provided by The Music Bed…or you can watch it here:

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  1. Emilia Jane -

    Oh my gracious, she’s gorgeous!!! Such beautiful work Jasmine!! XXOO

      6.20.12 - 2:52 pm

  2. Girish -

    Awesome pictures 🙂 .. too good.

    Eric looks like Jay Z specially the one with black glasses

    Awesome slide show.

      6.20.12 - 2:53 pm

  3. ashley barnett -

    LOVE THIS – one of my favorites. What a gorgeous couple and elegant wedding..so so so pretty!

      6.20.12 - 2:57 pm

  4. Alan Phillip -

    Beautiful photographs! You are so amazing Jasmine! Love you work:)

      6.20.12 - 3:42 pm

  5. anouschka -

    what a gorgeous wedding and ditto photos jasmine!

      6.20.12 - 4:03 pm

  6. Christina Dely -

    Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous location. Gorgeous photos!

      6.20.12 - 4:08 pm

  7. Gail -

    Can’t remember the last time I’ve loved a bride’s wedding dress as much as hers. GORGEOUS! Beautiful colors, beautiful venue, beautiful couple and beautiful details. Well done you two!

      6.20.12 - 4:18 pm

  8. May -

    Gorgeous! Amazing how you get the sharpeness in the images taken indoor in low light.

      6.20.12 - 4:21 pm

  9. Kitrin Jeffrey -

    Stunning, SERIOUSLY STUNNING work J*. You always keep me inspired to do more, and do better, girl!

      6.20.12 - 4:23 pm

  10. sarah danaher -

    they are SO ADORABLE!!! I love how happiness just bursts through their eyes!

      6.20.12 - 4:30 pm

  11. Life with Kaishon -

    She is exquisite. Wow. What a beautiful couple. I wish them every happiness along life’s journey.

      6.20.12 - 4:31 pm

  12. Tammy -

    Simply. Stunning. Love all of JD’s perspectives! You’re a mega-talented woman, j*!

      6.20.12 - 4:55 pm

  13. gladys jem -

    sonya is gorgeous! really beautiful, jasmine. love watching your slideshows. xxo

      6.20.12 - 5:18 pm

  14. Greg Gifford -

    wow – amazing shots!

      6.20.12 - 5:35 pm

  15. Amy Arrington -

    Awesome photos Jasmine!

      6.20.12 - 5:37 pm

  16. Andrea -

    Beautiful! And having been to the Terranea before, I can only imagine how glorious this day must have been…. absolutely gorgeous!

      6.20.12 - 5:59 pm

  17. Julie -

    Fantastic Photos Jasmine! :0)

      6.20.12 - 6:19 pm

  18. Mark Potter -

    Jasmine, these are absolutely breathtaking! Your creativity and eye for detail is seriously amazing.

      6.20.12 - 6:38 pm

  19. Erin Oveis Brant -

    why are you so awesome?!

      6.20.12 - 7:19 pm

  20. Julia -

    They are going to have some BEAUTIFUL babies! : )

      6.20.12 - 7:22 pm


    Full of style wedding and photos!! I love the light of that day and how you both capture it on each moment of the wedding!!

      6.20.12 - 8:13 pm

  22. Inca -

    Beautiful pictures, Jasmine. I most love the way you capture the couple interacting with each other in their natural way.
    One question if I may: did you use flash in the indoors section at all? Or is it all with the ambient light? I could not find sharp shadows, but the depth of field is wide enough to suggest you are not shooting with 2.8. Maybe then, high ISO with the new Mark III?

      6.20.12 - 8:40 pm

  23. Ginger Lankan baker -

    Oooooooo her dress….its gorge!
    And don’t tell JD but I’m voting for your first dance shot 😉 it looks so pretty with all the background in it!

      6.20.12 - 9:41 pm

  24. Stephanie Stewart -

    What a STUNNING wedding! Love all the details! Gorgeous couple, congrats to Sonya and Eric!!!

      6.20.12 - 9:44 pm

  25. Jennifer Hudspeth -

    Holy Wow.

      6.20.12 - 9:46 pm

  26. Roxie -

    WOW! Your images told such a heartwarming story. You never seize to amaze me in all your fabulousness. Thank you for sharing as always!

      6.20.12 - 10:49 pm

  27. Aimee -

    I love the photojournalistic emphasis with these photos. Really shows off the depth of your team and talent. And, maybe the best groom portrait yet – straight out of GQ!

      6.20.12 - 10:55 pm

  28. B -

    I die.

      6.20.12 - 11:37 pm

  29. Mayra -

    I love the shoe shot! Genius! oxox

      6.21.12 - 12:23 am

  30. Elisabeth Carol -

    Wow! I just want to BE at this wedding! Looks like such a fun couple!

      6.21.12 - 5:47 am

  31. Matteo -

    thanks for sharing !

      6.21.12 - 7:31 am

  32. PAPI -

    As soon as I started to view the slide-presentation, I bumped the lampshade and particles of dust flew off into both of my eyes and made them watery…IT HAD TO BE! I usually don’t cry…especially while I am looking at some phenomenal, emotional photos, and simultaneously experriencing ‘good’ flashbacks. Papi

      6.21.12 - 7:56 am

  33. Jacob -

    I love your work! Such an awesome job!


      6.21.12 - 7:59 am

  34. LEOLAK -

    GORGE! BEAUTIFUL!!! Every.thing. The couple, dress, details. And the pictures – WOW! STUNNING!! Work it J* and JD!

      6.21.12 - 11:57 am

  35. errol e -

    Such great information! And a beautiful wedding. Amazing.

      6.21.12 - 11:25 pm

  36. Monika Greenaway -

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Man…Vera Wang dresses fit so perfectly wow.

      6.22.12 - 11:46 pm

  37. Yarra Valley Wedding Photographer -

    I LOVE that shot of the rings. Really great.

      6.24.12 - 5:07 am

  38. Lyndal -

    So gorgeous! Please give us some tips on lighting/flash during receptions? x

      6.24.12 - 9:21 am

  39. Mom -

    Beautiful….just beautiful wedding!

      6.25.12 - 12:56 am

  40. Cristina Rossi -

    So very beautiful!! Stunning work as always! x

      6.25.12 - 5:39 pm

  41. Miles -

    I love her dress, it’s lovely! Stunning photos as well. The flower girls’ photo is my favorite. 🙂

      6.26.12 - 11:35 am

  42. Jami Clark -

    Watching the slide show made me want to get married again!! Such beautiful photos Jasmine 🙂

      6.26.12 - 8:27 pm

  43. Jennifer Rice -

    Jasmine Starr + ninja master of ring stacking….. HOW do you do that????? Do you utilize ABC gum or something??? LUV the images, TDF as always!

      6.29.12 - 2:34 am

  44. Becky Male -

    Wow Sonya’s dress is beautiful. Congrats guys! Beautiful photos J x

      6.30.12 - 10:56 pm

  45. Wedding Photographers in Kent -

    Love the crisp and vivid strong images. Having geat weather really makes a difference, we don’t get much of that here in the UK 🙂

      7.2.12 - 3:00 pm

  46. steve willis -

    wonderful work as always.

      7.4.12 - 1:48 pm

  47. Net -

    Truly amazing pictures.

      7.6.12 - 9:24 am

  48. moi -

    You will always be successful Jasmine dear, not only because you are an excellent photographer and have vivacious personality but also because you give credit where it is due, you are not insecure and don’t try to hog all the limelight, I love the way you add links to all the other people who contributed to the wedding. Well done, I aspire to be like that. XXX

      7.7.12 - 12:45 pm

  49. Lynn Brown -

    Great emotion Jasmine! Excellent job! This couple was so lucky to have you!

      7.7.12 - 2:11 pm

  50. Angie -


      7.10.12 - 9:23 pm

  51. Vanessa Balenovich -

    Wow! amazing wedding and beautifully captured as always Jasmine!!

      7.11.12 - 4:56 am

  52. Thina Doukas Wedding Photography -

    Browsing your site, your attention to details is fantastic. Reception photos taken are brilliant guys. Cheers

      7.12.12 - 4:11 am

  53. Ashley Christine -


      7.17.12 - 1:51 am

  54. Adelle -

    Hi Jasmine, i’d like to ask if you dont mind… What are your techniques in exposing 2 very differently skin toned bride & groom, y’know what i mean. i’d appreciate your help on this. Thanks in advance.

      2.27.13 - 4:59 pm

  55. Scott Hochstadt -

    I just cried again watching this video. "Bunch of crying linebackers." Love you guys.

      4.18.13 - 2:35 pm

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