The 30-Mile Race…and bragging rights


You’re weird.

I weighed what JD said carefully. Yes, I agreed with him, but I tried to figure out what specifically he was referring to. It could be:
1. The fact that I was in bed all day trying desperately to keep a sinus infection at bay–complaining with every sniffle and sneeze—with a concoction of Emergency C, Claritin, and prayer. But somehow mustered enough strength to go last-minute shopping.
2. I stood in the shoe department with a small pile of running shoes surrounding me…I had different shoes on each foot and I was wearing a dress. I felt all of a three-years-old, and the only thing missing was a tattered teddy bear.
3. Just today I decided to join a group of photographers in a 30-mile race. And the competition begins tomorrow.
Once I thought about my weirdness, I responded to JD’s comment with a persnickety, Yeah, well, who’s worse? The weird girl or the guy married to the weird girl?! Exactly.

So, I guess this means I’m blogging my expedition because I don’t want to lose and, well, I don’t want to quit. Basically, the participants are logging their running progress via the Nike+iPod system, so there’s no room for excuses. The first person to 30 miles gets a pretty nice iTunes prize, a mandatory blog link from the losers, and bragging rights. So juicy.

I’m totally feeling sick and praying to get better soon, but I can’t start the competition not running. So send me well wishes, and extra warm-n-fuzzies because I totally need them.

Happy Sunday!