The 6-2 Version of Friendship


My best friend Jennie was only 16-years-old when her dad handed over the keys to a gorgeous 1962 Impala. From that day forth, I’d—along with five other girlfriends—pile in her car and create memories that would later define who I was, who I wanted to become. Complete with fuzzy dice in the mirror, the 6-2 (that’s what we’d call the car), roared through our hometown, usually headed to the mall or beach. We were invincible.

Many years later, when our friends are together, I still feel the same way. Invincible. The 6-2 was sold many years ago after an accident, but we all look back with fond memories.

So much has changed since we got our licenses, but we still try to make memories together. A friendship, just like any relationship, requires hard work and I’m so proud to know my friends and I try to keep each other a top priority. Yes, it’s quite difficult—especially since we’re spread across a few states and have wildly chaotic schedules—but we try. And trying is more than half the battle.

Sometime last week I had a crazy urge to visit my friends Jennie and Brianna in Arizona, so I booked a flight. I totally did this on a whim, but I’m blessed to have a career that promotes working remotely and creative freedom. I’ll try to stay on top of my email, but I most likely won’t be responding until my return on Thursday. Thanks in advance for understanding and I’m excited to blog from a new state, so stay tuned! 😉