The Anti-Workshop : Day Two


Love is just an excuse for people to be completely themselves — Jesh DeRox

We sat around on the top of a Seattle parking structure late last night and into early this morning. In the center of our circle was a couple pints of ice cream, six spoons, and plenty of philosopical dialogue. Fred Egan, Jessica, Shyla, Marisa, myself and the amazing Jesh DeRox spent time discussing the many layers of art, inspiration, love and the core of the soul. We laughed, debated, and challenged our beliefs and became better people because of it.

The early part of the day was spent in class soaking up inordinate amounts of knowledge and getting inspired by the Boutwell’s and John Michael Cooper. And the end of my day culminated with knowledge and inspiration surrounded by good friends.

Everyday I’m learning more about my craft, but–more importantly–about myself. It’s amazing.

I’m so happy Marisa brought her camera along to capture such an amazing evening…