The Beauty of the Delete Key


I have been told I talk too much. Pfft! Maybe I don’t talk too much…maybe other people just don’t talk enough. Okay, okay, so maybe I can get a little carried away (JD’s commonly refers to my banal diatribes as monologues because of my dramatic pauses and interpretations), but I think I should be given a little leeway because…well…I don’t have a good enough reason for my monologues, but I’ve been known a few times to say something interesting. Oh, those forlorn moments of pseudo intelligence…

The good thing about my blog is the delay between my mind and the Publish button. In life, there’s no delete key. There have been times when I wonder if I’ll regret my blog posts, but for now, they serve as a constant reminder of who I was, who I am.

Back in February 2006, I blogged about my experience working with superstar wedding photographer, Mike Colon, for his first seminar. I had a blast and met so many people who’ve changed my life and career. I’m forever in indebted to Mike for his kindness, love, and support when I was starting my business. He was someone I looked up to and he never let me down. Mike opened my eyes to the limitless opportunities this industry holds for photographers and expedited my company growth by encouraging me to take risks. I truly love him!

Last night, as like often works, Mike and his beautiful wife, Julie, invited JD and me over for dinner. When we walked into his home, Mike stood at his stove making chimichangas, his second claim to fame. My mind immediately darted back to 2006 and felt a wave of thankfulness rush over me. The first time I helped Mike make chimichangas, I was a girl who didn’t own more than one camera lens, didn’t have business cards, and knew nothing about shooting manually. Such a short time later, I am blessed to still be enjoying homemade chimichangas, but have bourgeoning business…and business cards! 😉

Mike’s son, Aidan, couldn’t get enough of my point&shoot camera, so here are a few of his masterpieces…if you ask me, he’s going to take after his daddy!

The mini photo genius and me

Julie, Logan(berry), and Mike



In other news, this month has been one CRAZY writing month for me! I’m blessed to have contributed to four amazing photography sources, so if you’d like to check the articles out, be sure to click on the links below!
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