The Camel is Featured on the [b] School Blog


Occasionally, my family calls me The Camel. And, no, I don’t have some crazy double-hump-thing on my back I’m trying to hide! I just drink a lot of water. A LOT. In fact, water is my favorite drink…I can’t get enough of the stuff! I’m not exaggerating when I claim to sleep with a jug of water by my bed. Not a cup, a JUG. Like I said, my family calls me The Camel.

When I was asked to be a part of the Thirst Relief Auction, I was honored. Not just because it’s a worthy cause to donate my time, but because water is the common thread that ties humanity together. It’s one of the few things we all need. And it’s a shame it’s something few people have the luxury to enjoy—because it is a luxury in more than half the world. Thirst Relief is actively campaigning against this notion and I’m honored to be standing along side such a great organization.

Because of your generous donations, I’ve reached about $400. THANK YOU! I’m humbled and flattered by your benevolence. The auction ends today at 5pm PST, so this is my last not-so-shameless plug to make a tax-deductible donation to hang out with me at WPPI in Las Vegas (or we can make it a phone conference if you’re not going to WPPI)! In addition to crafting a 90-minute session with me addressing whatever you’d like, you’ll also receive $250 to the ShowIt store. Suh-weet!

Feel free to CLICK HERE to make a bid on me! And, really, bidding wars are more than welcome! 😉

In other news, my good friend [b]ecker invited me to the his first guest on the The [b] School Blog! I have to admit that I was SOOOO nervous while we filmed (and it’s oh-so-painfully apparent!), but I had such a blast doing it! The cool news is The [b] School Blog divided my interview into separate parts, so be on the look out for more to come! I thought I got multiple episodes because I was so darn interesting, but [b]ecker informed me that I just talked too much! Nothing like a friend to keep you grounded!! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!