The Junk Drawer

The Junk Drawer


It’s a privilege you get as an adult, he said matter-of-factly. JD and I were making dinner after my debacle with suggesting we drink veggie smoothies for dinner (yes, veggie). We bet who could drink it the fastest and we gagged our way through the greenish drink. JD won. Then insisted we make dinner. It’s a priviledge you get as an adult, he said matter-of-factly. I embarrassingly stared stared into a kitchen cabinet. It’s the kind of cabinet one might use for, oh, say, cups. But what do I use it for? JUNK.

I’m a rather neat person. I prefer organization and cleanliness…and yes, I’ve cleaned bathroom tile with an old toothbrush to get just the right sparkle. But my junk drawer? Well, that’s off limits.

I owned a junk drawer when I was a kid and things never changed. It was the one space in my life where nothing mattered and I gave myself permission to let go. Pens, paper, medicine I’m too lazy to take to my medicine cabinet upstairs, a rubber band, my wedding cake toppers, a expired coupon book. It’s all there.

Explaining my embarrassment to JD about the junk drawer is like explaining peace to a hippie; he just gets it. He tells me it’s a privilege and insists everyone has a junk drawer. I know this tactic…he uses “everyone” as a way to avoid the chance I’ll repent and CLEAN THAT DRAWER AT RIGHT NOW WHO CARES ABOUT DINNER!!

So to “everyone” who’s just like me, I feel you.

{Oh, and wait…what is that? CDs?! Matches?! Chapstick?! Whew, that was close…at least y’all know I’m perpetually prepared for a romantic night in. Bow chicka bow wow.}

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  1. SimpleGirl -

    OMG! I recognize those pharmacy labels! I’m a pharmacist for them and it would me MY PRIVILEGE to serve you.

      6.30.11 - 4:07 pm

  2. AAK Photography -

    I also grew up having a junk drawer and have also continued that tradition into my married life. Albeit, I must say your junk drawer is much more organized than mine and mine consists of mostly candy!

      6.30.11 - 4:09 pm

  3. Maria -

    Geez! That’s the neatest looking junk drawer I’ve ever seen. Honestly.

      6.30.11 - 4:18 pm

  4. Charlie -

    Nice little giggle before my long weekend. Thanks.

    Sorry to say this but that is the neatest junk drawer I’ve ever seen. 🙂

      6.30.11 - 4:19 pm

  5. Anne T. -

    Yes, *everyone* does have one. However, yours is still pretty neat. Things are nicely stacked, and even categorized by type. 🙂 My drawer(s) can barely open they are so full!

      6.30.11 - 4:19 pm

  6. Maria -

    Geez! That’s the neatest looking junk drawer I’ve ever seen. Honestly.

      6.30.11 - 4:20 pm

  7. Maria -

    Geez! That’s the neatest looking junk drawer I’ve ever seen. Honestly.

      6.30.11 - 4:20 pm

  8. Rachel Tatem -

    I totally know what you mean. I am a very organized and clean person. I like to know where the "home" for an object, but I must admit I too have a junk drawer. I have all the things I use on a daily basis like bread ties, my wine note book, a couple pens, clothes pins… you get the idea.

      6.30.11 - 4:27 pm

  9. kelly marie -

    I feel you on the drunk drawer…it’s pretty liberating until your BF comes along and ORGANIZES IT.

      6.30.11 - 4:28 pm

  10. Brian Calabrese -

    I have 8 of these "Junk Drawers" lol

      6.30.11 - 4:30 pm

  11. Cindy Fike -

    Is that a bottle of shampoo in the background? haha..

      6.30.11 - 4:32 pm

  12. DeJesus -

    Holy frijoles! You just made our junk drawer(s) look worse. Thanks.

      6.30.11 - 4:32 pm

  13. Jessica H -

    Oh girl- I have 2 or 3 "junk" drawers. I need some serious organization help! 🙂

      6.30.11 - 4:33 pm

  14. Nadya -

    Yes everyone has one! Yours is not nearly as bad as some. Mine is a mess i have doggy poop bags, pens, sicssors, stickers, blue tape, clear tape, other tape, some wierd pins , screw driver, broken hammer, etc. LOL but then we have a medicine junk drawer thats just a hot mess LOL

      6.30.11 - 4:35 pm

  15. Bre Thurston -

    I absolutely have a junk drawer! Oh, except since moving to So Cal our place is so small it doesn’t get an actual DRAWER, so it’s a junk basket (with lid) on the counter. And it’s too small 🙂

      6.30.11 - 4:35 pm

  16. felicia gwen -

    A junk drawer is a MUST in every house!

      6.30.11 - 4:35 pm

  17. kristin brown -

    yeah, i think we’ve all got one of those. it is quite the interesting peek into someone’s life though! 🙂

      6.30.11 - 4:37 pm

  18. Shannon Karczewski -

    You only have ONE junk drawer? In this department…you ain’t got nothin’ on me! 🙂

      6.30.11 - 4:39 pm

  19. Allurey, -

    Don’t worry, Jasmine. You’re not alone on this. I have a super, junky draw too, which reminds me it needs to be cleaned before the week ends. Lmao.

      6.30.11 - 4:39 pm

  20. Megan Wold -

    Your junk drawer is amazingly organized. Compared to mine. And maybe I should switch my drawer to cabinet to get it to look a little cleaner.

      6.30.11 - 4:41 pm

  21. Sacha Blackburne -

    I am nothing like you – or should I say, my entire life is like your junk drawer. I am messy – naturally very very messy. I am blessed enough to have reached a point in my life where I have help hiding that fact, but one place that it is impossible for anyone to tidy but me is my desk. So as I type, I am probably getting carpal tunnel as my wrists are dipped down over so much paper work to reach my keyboad that is actually still touching the desk – I long to have your neat nature, and to only have one cupboard to be embarrassed about. I long for your A type personality – not sure what letter I would get but guessing it is definitely close to a Z. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy that one little freedom. xxxxx

      6.30.11 - 4:41 pm

  22. Alyssa -

    Yeah, that’s the neatest junk spot ever. I can’t even open my junk drawer sometimes!

      6.30.11 - 4:41 pm

  23. Monica -

    I too, am to lazy to take medicine where it goes. But instead of taking it upstairs, I just have to walk a few feet across the living room to the bathroom. I wouldn’t call it lazy, just resourceful 🙂

      6.30.11 - 4:42 pm

  24. Michelle -

    It’s like a game of "I SPy"
    I still can’t find the matches. LOL

      6.30.11 - 4:45 pm

  25. Angie -

    Wow. That is one neat junk drawer!

      6.30.11 - 4:46 pm

  26. gina d. -

    Jasmine, what you’ve got is some prime real estate in there that is sorely used way below it’s potential.

      6.30.11 - 4:50 pm

  27. Dave -

    Jaz, I’m not sure to have ever seen a real junk drawer before…that appears to be your own personal convenience store. Junk drawers have old batteries, allen wrenches from ikea furniture, some tea lights, a pencil sharpener, tape, thumbtacks, safety pins, small toys, old key chains…I can send you a picture

      6.30.11 - 4:54 pm

  28. Shannon Sorensen -

    I might have 2 or 3 junk drawers. Is that ok, too?

      6.30.11 - 4:55 pm

  29. Lucy -

    Me and my boyfriend have our own junk draws 🙂 mine is full of stuff that doesn’t have place, much like yours Jasmine, but my boyfriends is full of old receipt that mean nothing eg. receipts for 42p gum grrrr

      6.30.11 - 4:58 pm

  30. Emily dobson -

    Yep, totally have one. Batteries, suckers, coupons, markers, screws, pictures…whatever.

      6.30.11 - 5:04 pm

  31. Amanda -

    Cd’s, Matches, Chapstick and FIVE HOUR ENERGY! haha You really ARE prepared for a night in! lol

      6.30.11 - 5:04 pm

  32. Eileen -

    That’s more like a junk shelf. I can barely open my junk drawer and it’s always in the kitchen

      6.30.11 - 5:12 pm

  33. LEOLAK -

    Agree w/ everyone..neatness junk drawer/cabinet ever! lol I feel you though…and yes we all do have one..however I have several and a junk room! That room is getting to me though (and the drawers -I can stand one but multiple..ugh) and I’m determined to clear it! I don’t have that many rooms to begin with…and I so wish I was a more organized person w/ everything but old habits are hard to break. =) Power to the junk drawer!

      6.30.11 - 5:13 pm

  34. Moody Sousa -

    You’re funny. And that makes up for your shelf of neatly arranged random iteams which do not deserve the title of "junk drawer".

      6.30.11 - 5:19 pm

  35. Yuliya Molitvenik -

    You always put in a smile on my face, love your posts! Have a fabulous Thursday Jasmine!

      6.30.11 - 5:19 pm

  36. Becca -

    Oh my goodness. When we were kids, the top drawer of our dressers were our "private" drawers. No one else was allowed to open them, and we could put whatever we wanted in them. Needless to say, "private drawer" is just a polite way of saying "junk drawer"

    Now that I’m an adult? Well… since we’re all confessing: I have reserved the top two drawers in my dresser for junk. And, you know what? They aren’t getting cleaned any time soon.

      6.30.11 - 5:33 pm

  37. Tobi -

    I wish my junk drawer looked that clean! Oh and I also have stepped it up a notch…I have a junk room. 🙂

      6.30.11 - 5:51 pm

  38. Kathy -

    The one piece advice that I got when I was married (that stuck) was "Always have a junk drawer" And it is! Best advice ever! You’re right…it’s the one place that doesn’t matter…anything can go.

      6.30.11 - 5:56 pm

  39. Kimberly Murray -

    I actually have multiple junk drawers. The great thing is that I can actually find things easier in my junk drawers than when I try to file them away in a logical place.

      6.30.11 - 5:57 pm

  40. Kristen -

    First off…this is too neat to be a "junk" drawer/cabinet. Don’t feel bad, though everyone definitely has a junk drawer. Mine consists of pens, pencils, cat toys, dog treats, change, xmas ornaments, keys, chapsticks, you name it!! 😉

      6.30.11 - 6:10 pm

  41. Carrie -

    That’s not a junk drawer; way to organized to be one 🙂

      6.30.11 - 6:13 pm

  42. Life with Kaishon -

    That is your messy junk drawer?
    Please don’t ever come and look at mine.

      6.30.11 - 6:53 pm

  43. Lydia -

    If that’s considered a junk drawer, I just went from one to many! So I gotta say it, that is way too organized to be a legit junk drawer! 😉

      6.30.11 - 6:58 pm

  44. Jessica -

    I agree it’s very neat to be a junk cabinet! I have one too and it consists on little objects I don’t know where to store them after I re-organize my room haha!!

      6.30.11 - 7:24 pm

  45. Andria Lavine -

    HAHAHAHA!!! "Bow chicka bow wow…" LOL! We have one for upstairs and one downstairs… you are not alone, sista!

      6.30.11 - 7:54 pm

  46. Andrea -

    First of all, did you organize before snapping that picture? Because it looks way too neat for a JUNK drawer. And "Bow chicka bow wow"?… LOL… priceless!!!

      6.30.11 - 8:06 pm

  47. Christina Juleson -

    If that’s considered a junk dwarer then boy oh boy…do I have a lot of junk!

      6.30.11 - 8:13 pm

  48. Isaac Stott -

    CD’s, matches, chapstick……and 5 hour energy extra strength. Now your ready for that night in! 🙂

      6.30.11 - 8:15 pm

  49. Mikaela -

    haha! yes, this cabinet (which IS relatively neat) definitely screams ‘romance’ 😉

      6.30.11 - 8:31 pm

  50. Savannah Lauren -

    Your junk drawer looks quite organized. 😉

      6.30.11 - 9:10 pm

  51. Linda -

    It’s called the ‘man drawer’ in my family. Full of manly stuff like post it notes, batteries and envelopes.

      6.30.11 - 10:11 pm

  52. kristine ko -

    i clean bathroom tiles with a toothbrush too and a lot of bleach! LOL.

      7.1.11 - 12:17 am

  53. Kristin Nicole -

    Yup, everyone needs a spot for their junk…so many random things that just don’t belong anywhere else.

      7.1.11 - 12:39 am

  54. Jo Lynch -

    Ah Jasmine, I love you.
    Your posts about nothing really important are my favourite.
    Your very lucky to have someone like JD who understands everyone’s need for a junk drawer 🙂

      7.1.11 - 12:43 am

  55. Corrie Lindroos -

    That is a seriously weak junk drawer, lol!!!

      7.1.11 - 2:16 am

  56. Kyle Bromley -

    HAH! J* I have a junk closet!! It is pure excellence when one can go for a box of Golden Grams and then look down at the bottom shelf and get those AA batteries that were taken from the remote. Yes married life is living day to day with a battery thieving GNOME!!

      7.1.11 - 3:39 am

  57. Brandi C -

    OMG, Jasmine, love your random posts, LOL! Looking at my "junk" drawer now and it consists of highlighters/pens, notepad, earphones, Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm, batteries, Satsuma (The Body Shop fragrance oil), phone charger and B-12 vitamins…so random 🙂

      7.1.11 - 4:16 am

  58. Vanessa M -

    Haha! Your junk drawer aint got nothin’ on my junk CLOSET…I moved on from a junk drawer a looong time ago. I’m glad you’ve been fortunate enough to keep your junk contained in a measly little drawer after all these years 🙂

      7.1.11 - 6:45 am

  59. sarah -

    remember that episode of friends where chandler discovers monica’s junk closet?

      7.1.11 - 7:49 am

  60. Sharon -

    Everybody was more interested in your junk drawer than your veggie smoothie……I think I was the only one! Veggie smoothies are delicious–and sweet!–when you mix an apple or two with it. I drink them daily. And hopefully you have a professional blender so you’re not "chewing" your smoothies like I did before I bought my now beloved Vitamix blender. Best wishes!

      7.1.11 - 7:33 pm

  61. Hannes Uys -

    Hectic Jasmine!

      7.2.11 - 6:22 pm

  62. Darcy -

    Ha! Even your "junk drawer" is neat!

      7.3.11 - 3:58 pm

  63. Tiffaney -

    Im sorry Jasmine but that is too clean to be considered a junk drawer. My drawer is so junky that it takes me 3 tries to open it before stuff start jumping out…..

      7.5.11 - 1:48 am

  64. Noelia Kline -

    You forgot to mention your 5 Hour Energy drink. ;D

      7.5.11 - 5:24 pm

  65. Ginger Murray -

    Our junk drawer has many of the same things… including Cold- Eeze– that stuff does wonders, if taken religiously, and as directed!:)

      7.6.11 - 3:31 am

  66. Erin Snapp -

    It’s good to know there are others out there who share the love of the "junk drawer"….I’ve been meaning to clean mine up for months now..ha

      7.6.11 - 12:25 pm

  67. Erin -

    I have several scattered about the house and studio. Each one has it’s own purpose. The one in my desk at home is a little of this and that but has everything to do with Art, writing, music, my glasses, lipgloss. The one in the kitchen…5 hour energy, one last emergency chocolate, a few random spices, the last can of tomato soup (it’s summer), and some other random things that don’t really go into a kitchen but some how it works. Then there is a basket in the hall closet, and the junk tub in the storage area. OMG…. There is a lot of junk or semi junk in my house. At least it’s semi organized. 🙂

      7.7.11 - 9:39 pm

  68. Melissa E Earle -

    One comment on this post just in case you haven’t heard it yet: Brown Chicken Brown Cow

      11.28.12 - 2:05 am

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