The Memory Cards GIVEAWAY!!!


Did I ever tell you about the time I felt awful about myself because I had only one CF memory card for my camera? A 2 Gig. It was enough to get started, but in no way did I feel professional. Feeling unprofessional was further augmented the time I read another photographer’s blog and he posted a photo of his desk. He intended to show what was on his computer, but my eyes fell upon something sitting on the corner of his desk. CF cards. I zoomed into the photo so I could count how many CF cards sat on his desk. I stopped after 15. And then I cried.

Here I was trying to start a business and I couldn’t even afford more than 2 Gigabytes of memory.

The second 2 Gig CF card I received was a going away gift from my boss when I submitted my two-week notice. He was so supportive and I promised to pay it forward when my business took off, because I believed/hoped/prayed it would. A few days ago, I ordered new CF cards from Adorama and I remembered the promise to my {ex}boss…so, Internet, it’s time for a GIVEAWAY.

I’m excited to announce one lucky winner will receive
…Four Sandisk 8 Gig CF Memory cards (that’s 32 Gigs of memory!)
…A ThinkTank memory card wallet

Many thanks to Adorama for allowing me to pay it forward! To enter the contest, leave a comment in the box below (be sure to include your email address!) sharing what you’re most excited for in your business this year. The winner will be announced TOMORROW (Friday) at 6am PST, so holler back.

Happy Thursday!