The New Studio


A few months ago, I was so beyond lucky/blessed/fortunate to meet Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative. He’s a graphic designer genius…no, really, check out his work and be blown away. He decided to expand his studio in Orange County and host an collective of creatives within a single space. SND CYN Studios is a place where a group of people rent space, but–really–share energy.

SND CYN Studios hosts a wide array of creatives (designers, cinematographers, musicians) and while everyone has their own space or office, there’s also meeting rooms for us to use. This is where I meet my clients and I’ve truly fallen in love with the space.

One of things I’m most thankful for is the ability to still meet along side my friends at Elysium Productions. I mentioned in the past sharing a studio with Elysium Productions, but the lease was up in December and we were faced with finding a new solution. Much to our surprise and delight, we signed contracts with SND CYN Studios the same month and still get to see each other in the halls.

I still do most my work from my home office, but having a space to meet clients as well as connect with other creatives has been an amazing experience thus far…I hope to have you join me in a few days so we can share and connect, too!

Hope to see you in the studio one day soon!