The Northrop Family : Anytime


It’s sort of like going on a blind date.

You don’t know what to expect…you don’t know if you’ll mesh well…you don’t know if it’ll be worth the effort it takes seeing each other for the first time. So like a blind date.

When JD and I moved a year ago, I arranged a series of blind dates. With fitness instructors. I downloaded various workout schedules from gyms here in Orange County and set out finding a good match for my get-off-my-rear-end-and-do-something needs.

Trina taught classes like it was geriatrics aerobics.
Sophia taught classes well, but made these weird whooooop sounds every few seconds that drove me nuts.
Craig’s shorts were so short I couldn’t focus on the class, and instead found myself wondering if I was going to be harmfully exposed to his impropriety.

The dates were not successful. Until I met Christy. Then it was love at first sight. Or sweat.

I found myself working out with a new passion and, although I hated her halfway through her class, at the end I was so proud of making it through. And not fainting. I continued going to Christy’s classes and became one of her cult-like followers, attending her classes throughout Orange County. Recently, she came across my blog and we got to talking. What initially started as taking her headshots morphed into a family session. I don’t photograph families at this point in my career (and instead focus on wedding as a preferred niche), but I agreed to the session because I felt like it was the least I could do for Christy. Afterall, we’ve been dating for a year already! 😉

I was quite nervous photographing their family, but once the camera began clicking, I had a blast! Thank you Berkeley, Christy, Summer, and Kylee for making my day so enjoyable! Your family is beautifully kind and loving…something you should take pride in! 🙂

We started the day just hanging out with Kylee and Summer in their playhouse (which, incidentally, was the playhouse of my childhood dreams) and capturing them doing what they love: mothering their dolls…

Frustrated with a birthday hat that wouldn’t stay on, Daddy came to the rescue and saved the day with scotch tape! Loved it! 🙂

Here’s the amazing Christy…

Just before sitting down for a family portrait, Christy tied up loose ends, but Summer was ready to go!

Swinging from monkey bars…

I can’t place what exactly I like about this picture, but I kinda just do!

The beautiful Northrop family…love you guys! 🙂

If you’d like to see more of my first family session ever, CLICK HERE for a slideshow! 🙂