The Perils of Taking the Family Christmas Picture


To: The Family
From: Jasmine Star
Date: Monday, November 29. 2010
Subject: Family Pics

hi family!
a few things…
1. i love you.
2. please be ready to shoot at 4pm.
3. we are meeting on main street and 3rd (from main, make a left and there will be a parking lot)
4. please wear neutral colors (beige, light gray, light pink)
5. please do not wear patterns on clothes.
6. i promise to be loving and nice today. and speak in love. please hold me to this. and help me.

A couple hours later…

We’re late…
He can’t find the parking lot…
Who said dark green was a neutral color?!
She had a fashion crisis, something about silk pants…
Can you move outta the way?! MOOOOOVE!
Please stop fighting.
Pay attention.
Don’t pull her hair extension!
Jasmine needs to calm down.
I’m losing light.
Who’s next?
Pay attention.
Dad, you’re being too loud!
Pay attention!
I’m having a bad hair day.
Who has a jacket for mom?
Real Madrid is playing tonight.
If you smile, I’ll buy you a toy from Target!
I know how to count to six in German.
Please go give her a hug.
You just made Kim Kardashian sad.
It’s a self-timer!!
Darn it.
No blinking this time.
I love you.

Words can’t express how much I adore my parents. At Thanksgiving, my father apologized for not being the type of father he tries to be. Everyone sat in stunned silence. Our dad–in spite of his flaws–is the type of person we all strive to be. And he makes my mom even better.
Alexandria is is the middle child. And she suffered from the syndrome for a few years, but is back to normal now. I’m kidding. She’s amazing, artistic, and finds a way to always help everyone…even if it’s at the cost of herself.

And here are the teenagers. Dun dun dun.
I love Zoe Belle and Sebastian more than I can put into words. I’m older than them by a few years and I’ve always felt like a second mom to them. In fact, I’d say that Sebastian is the person who started my photo career. When I was eleven, I’d take him and pose him amongst my stuffed animals…or in a large pot on the stove (what the heck was I thinking?!)…or dress him like the Village People…and take pictures of him. In fact, I have albums dedicated just to him. Which is creepy, I know.

This is Parker and Ryen. My new niece and nephew. And–oh my goodness–these kids just kill me. They make my heart melt and they make our family even better. Bianca and Matt were married earlier this year, and our family was blessed with three new members!

Us. In an alley.

This photo will keep my mother happy until December 2011…when she’ll be asking for a new family photo for her living room walls.

Happy Tuesday!

For those who asked, all the individual portraits were shot with the 50mm, 1.2 at f/2.0. The family photo was shot with the 35mm, and all photos done with natural light.