The Showoff


People sometimes ask how I get Polo to sit still for photos and the truth is that my dog was perfectly made for me. No, really, he was created to be photographed. Even as a puppy, when he saw my camera, he posed. Posed. As of late, he’s been giving me attitude when I take my camera on walks, but he forgets as soon as we are a few blocks in.

A few days ago, JD took Polo on a walk while I finished my work for the day. I called him to join him on the last part of the walk and I brought along my camera. Because it was sunset. Duh. When Polo saw me, he began to run circles and show off, wiggling his bum for good measure. When I tried taking his picture, he just wasn’t having it…

Here’s another lap around the tree to show how physically fit he is…

…then, finally, he sat and was ready for his close up. The sun, apparently, loves him as much as I do.

Happy Monday!