The Wedding Channel Turn Around


So, the tables turned on me yesterday. I’m quite used to writing about my clients’ engagement session or wedding day from, well, my perspective. As we hang out together, I like to not only hear what they’re saying, but truly listen to what’s being said in between the lines. I love it.

However, yesterday my lovely client, Nicole–who also happens to be assistant editor at The Wedding Channel–wrote about her experience during the engagement session in an editorial piece posted online. You can read it in its entirety by CLICKING HERE. It was wonderful reading about the day from her perspective and I’m honored to be her photographer.

On a tangent, I just want to clarify something for my blog readers. The write-up I do for every photo entry is, yes, for my clients, but it’s really more for me. No one else. I love the art of writing and while I’ve never claimed to be good at it, I think I may have a knack at it. Not good, but decent. Another photographer blogger wrote a not-so-nice blog entry based entirely about how my writing shouldn’t take the form it does…because, as this blogger so kindly put it, he doesn’t come to my blog to read romance novels. He even went as far as pulling out eight quotes from my blog entries and used them as examples of what NOT to do when blog posting. He made me feel so warm and fuzzy. But that’s besides the point…I write because I want to. I write because I need to. The pen is a powerful thing and if I have the chance to document a single frame of time through written word and photographs in peoples’ lives, I will continue doing so.