The Workshop : April 2010


It usually works like this: I get nervous and a tad stressed out. I pace my hallway and insist I have nothing to wear, then quickly grab the closest thing to in the closet and dart out the door. I drive in my car and worry they’ll think I’m way lame in real life. And then I bite my nails. Or sing outloud with MGMT. But the worry? It all goes away when I see them. The group of amazing photographers who’ve traveled from around the world to join me at The Workshop.

On Monday night I joined a small group for a pre-workshop mixer planned by the attendees and I had a blast!! They were nothing short of amazing and I was amped for what was in store for Tuesday. By the time everyone arrived, it was like seeing old friends and the day flowed perfectly…because this group was awesome. Their energy was palpable and the hunger to learn was invigorating!

The Workshop focuses on the Eight Components of Branding and my goal is for everyone to walk away prepared to develop, hone, and move their brand forward. One of the components deals with how shooting style and brand interrelate, and we were stoked to work with Michelle and Colton Cross, who flew out from Virginia for the workshop…Michelle is just starting her photography journey, but I heavily suspect she’ll soon be rocking both sides of the camera!

How could the day be not perfect when shooting a natural beauty like Michelle?

We were lucky to work with Colton…he is a Marine based in Virginia and he’s the nicest thing EVER…

This picture just kinda happened…everyone waited for the couple to get situated…and I snapped this photo. Something about it makes feel it’s a nod to a different place and time…

Yesterday the day threatened of rain, so we decided to shoot in the morning to avoid getting wet…but in true California nature, it was a mix of BLAZING heat and diffused light…

One thing I loved about yesterday’s impending storm was the presence of clouds…they made me so happy!

They have two gorgeous smiles…

Work it out…

Michelle…you’re killing me…love you!

Please don’t ask me what I was saying here…but, really, don’t I look like I speak with specificity?!

Many, many amazing thanks to Kristin of The Treasured Petal for creating one of her gorgeous bouquets…I’m in awe of her work and this bouquet just made me so thrilled to shoot!

This is my favorite photo from the day…it makes me happy. I just want to squeeeeeeze Michelle and Colton! 🙂
And if you lurve her bridcage veil, you can find more of Kristin’s handmade wedding accoutrements at her Etsy Store

Okay, so I lied…THIS is my favorite photo of the day!!

To my new friends and peers…thank you for such an amazing day!! I walked away so refreshed and inspired by all of you and I’m incredibly honored to have spent an entire day by your sides. Thank you for making me see the world in new ways and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! Stay Fabulous… j*

I don’t have another workshop planned quite yet, but if you’d like to be the first to know when it’s announced, be sure to sign up for the j* newsletter! 🙂