The Workshop : Australia


I’m sitting at my desk overwhelmed with what could be sheer warmth and passion for photography. For sharing. For teaching. I am, beyond all doubt, living my dream. And for this, I thank you. For those of you who visit my corner of cyberspace, I’m honored and I appreciate who you are. And, especially, for those photographers I’ve been blessed to meet at The Workshop, thanks for molding my heart into a new shape. I owe you.

I’m excited to post a few pictures from the first Sydney, Australia workshop. As I mentioned before, being in the Land Down Unda was a dream come true, and meeting so many amazing photographers was a total bonus. With many thanks to Cathy Crawley for her help planning The Workshop in Sydney, the day was a complete success. I walked away feeling like, quite possibly, the luckiest girl on the face.of.the.planet.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank the following vendors for making the day possible…
Venue: Cruise Bar (Katie, Georgie, and Belinda…you’re my girls and I can’t wait to hang out again soon!!!)
Wedding Dresses: Catherine Colubriale (Catherine…you’re amazing…and kind…and a true artist…thank you from the bottom of my heart!)
Models: Evan+Lacey (I can’t thank you enough from flying in from Queenstown…I adore you both to bits and pieces!) and Kristie (who couldn’t be a better muse…love her!)
Florals: Daisy Chain Florist in Castlehill (Aileen…you’re a total gem…I can’t thank you enough!)
Hair+Makeup: Ellie Vierboom of Ella Bella (thank you for working so fast and gracefully under pressure…so awesome!)

Could you just imagine my delight when I realized THIS was our view from the conference room at the Cruise Bar?!

When we started the shoot, we began shooting Evan+Lacey and I realized they’re just so much fun in front of the camera!

Kristie was a modern bride and totally fabulous in front of the camera…

I adored the ribbon in Lacey’s hair and she reminded me of a romantic Robin Hood bride! 🙂

Work it, Lacey! 😉

Kristie can make even a delivery entrance look amazing…

Don’t ask me why, but these are my favorite photos from the shoot. Maybe it’s the bow on her wedding dress, or the barely visible Sydney Bridge, or Kristie’s smile…or a mix of all three things. Or maybe I just feel these are really my style…

Okay, I lied. THIS is my favorite photo from the day. The group shot always is! The energy and passion of this group was palpable and I learned so much from them.
To my new friends, thank you for making a dream come true. Not only were we able to photograph brides in Sydney, you inspired me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of you and I sincerely hope you make a change in the wedding photography world in Australia. You’re destined for great things…I just know it! Much Love and Appreciation…j*