The Workshop : June 2010


There’s always a brief moment right before I meet the group of workshop attendees when I get an overwhelming sense of Be-cool-be-cool-be-cool. Like, I have to remind myself to keep it together and stay collected because this group of photographers traveled from all over the world for The Workshop, and I don’t want to disappoint them.

On Monday night, the attendees planned a mixer before the workshop, and I was excited to attend. Yes, I was juuuuust barely getting over being sick, but I was determined to be there. Pumped up on Sudafed and all. Things went well until the night lingered and perhaps I got tired. Or something. Because the next thing I know, I dropped an ENTIRE glass of ice water on the girl sitting next to me. And ohmysweetbabyjesus I panicked. I grabbed a cloth napkin and started patting her down…which was stupid. Hello, Heather, can I please fondle you?!

The good news is that it was a wonderful ice breaker. No pun intended. The group was comprised of 20 fabulous girls and I’m so glad to call them friends…here’s a sneak peek of our day together…

We were incredibly lucky to work with Joe and Jihan Cerda as models…and, really, you’d think they did this professionally….

Like always, I’m thrillllled to work with Carissa of JL Designs…not only is her work amazing, she’s a beautiful soul who I’m proud to call my friend…

This look? This look is how Joe looks at Jihan all the time…it’s so sweet!

Joe, some of the girls mentioned you were soft of the eyes…I kinda agree… 😉

The light was truly spectacular on Tuesday…it’s was 72 degrees in Orange County with a slight breeze…pretty much perfect shooting weather!

I have to take a brief moment to just say THANK YOU to the ever fab Vivian of All Made Up…I lovelovelove her work and seeing her work her magic on Jihan was perfection!


Every workshop, I’m always blown away by how many Shootsacs make an appearance…I think all my girls make great models! 🙂

I’m extra thankful to Photographer’s Edit for sponsoring the workshop lunch and giving everyone a 20% Discount on their first order using the jstar2010 code. They help me SO much in my business and I simply love the crew!

I was definitely swooning over the black calla lilly bouquet….perfection…thank you, Carissa!

Jihan, you’re beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful.
Vivian, I love your hair and makeup work!

And here’s my favorite photo of the day…what a great group of photographers! This was the first workshop without any guys, so we all had to work hard to make JD feel welcome! 😉

To my new friends…you make me swoon. After The Workshop, I seriously felt like the luckiest photographer. Ever. Spending the day with you and simply sharing ideas, swapping photo tips, and laughing the day away made for a spectacular memory. I know the future is bright for you and I can’t wait to see how you shake up the industry! Stay Fabulous…. j*

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