The Workshop, November 2009


To say they were a group of excitable, zealous, and energetic photographers would be an understatement. Way under. The group of 20 photographers who came from around the US and world (Canada and Holland, represent!) blew my mind. They were outstanding, creative, and inquisitive…and, let’s just be real, FABULOUS! They not only came ready to learn, they came with lists (and lists!) of questions. But what I was most struck with was their collective desire to connect. With photography, with each other, with me. It was all just positively overwhelming.

When the group arrived on Monday morning for The Workshop, I knew they were special. Before I announced The Workshop on my blog, I opened it up strictly to those who subscribed to my newsletter and ended up selling out…these attendees were legit! Hanging out with them at a group-planned mixer on Sunday night, I knew I was in for a real treat. Best yet, Sunday was just a precursor to how fun Monday would be.

Many thanks to JD and my mother who always help me and make the day complete…without them, I’m nothing. Now that I’ve written too much already, I’ll get straight to the pictures…

Look at all my beautiful attendees rocking it out…

I was especially thankful to have the ever fab Lauryl Lane for providing the fall inspired floral pieces…

Again and again…I need to thank the amazingness that is Vivian Tran of All Made Up for styling the shoot, and working wonders with hair and make up. She and her crew rocked my world and I can’t thank them enough!

One of the things we focused on was shooting in harsh light. It was about 85 degrees on Monday and we were shooting at 1pm…this is probably the hardest time of day and light to shoot in, but I wanted to show how people can natural reflectors to achieve the type of photos they want. The group offered feedback, asked questions, and proffered so much support that I couldn’t help but fall in love.!

JD caught me in action…which is sometimes a bad thing….

…OH LIKE THIS IS BAD STUFF!! I, apparently, like to talk with my hands…so much so, I could probably flag down an approaching plane. Or spaceship.

I want to take a quick second and mention Ashley is selling this gorrrrgeous Vera Wang wedding dress…it’s a BARGAIN I tell ya! For more info, shoot her an email:

I can’t express how much I appreciate Jeff and Ashley Rose for modeling for The Workshop…they’re so amazing and truly in love. Thanks SO much, you guys!!

This is my most favorite picture of the day! Words can’t express how thankful I am to have met so many truly fabulous people. I felt their love and support from our first meeting and I am so blessed because of them.
To my new friends…you’re awesome. Plain and simple. Your hunger and desire was palpable, and I’m honored to be just one small part of your future successes. I can’t wait to see all the fabulous things you’ll do! Thanks for your time and sharing your lives with me! Mwah!

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