theFIX : Day One


There’s a reason I got sick…there’s a reason I stayed sick…there’s a reason I AM SICK. I don’t know what that reason is, exactly, but one thing for certain is that it has me at the mercy of others. I’m largely independent, fiercely opinionated, and thick-skinned, but when I get hit with an illness, my body just doesn’t merely give in, it lies prostrate and begs to universe to trample it.

JD has carried me up stairs, Ashley got the bus permits, Jenny contacted venues, Andrew packed the bus, DJ bought us dinner…and I? Well, I’ve been holed up in a hotel room (yes, JD and I are off the bus because I don’t want to get anyone sick) for the past three days trying to be okay with things being un-okay. The good news is that I woke this morning and finally felt a turn for the better.

More than anything I’m writing on this early Monday morning to remember what this moment feels like. The excitement for starting a new adventure with theFIX, the unparalleled support from White House Custom Color, Adorama, and Showit, and–above all–appreciation for my health. I’m indebted to an amazing crew for pulling together and making it possible for me to meet many amazing people on the road.

Here’s to new adventures and I hope to see you soon!