Things That Make You Say Oooh


The smell of wet pavement. A bouquet of flowers just because. A homecooked meal. Anything Godiva.

These are the things that make me say Oooh.

One thing that shall be added to the aforementioned list is this baby:

While in Seattle last week for the Anti-Workshop, I was fortunate enough to borrow Jessica’s 28mm lens. I’ve been shooting almost exclusively with prime lenses and it’s radically changed the way I see weddings and the images I’m producing. I love my 50mm and my 85mm, but when I wanted to go wide, I’d turn to my 16-35, 2.8, but it sometimes left me wanting more–more crisp, more sharp, more of a fall-off.
Most of the images I submitted for our final group project was shot on the 28mm and I was smitten at first click. On my recent trip to Santa Barbara, I stopped by Samy’s Camera before the wedding and bought the lens.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for things that make me say Oooh 🙂