Tiffany and Mark : Day After


Beauty in Ashes.

There’s something amazing about Mark and Tiffany. They hold a special place in my heart for many reasons, but mostly because they saw something in me that I didn’t quite see in myself. After photographing Mark’s marriage proposal to Tiffany in Summer 2006, I put together a slideshow to display the images. Shortly thereafter, Tiffany booked me as her wedding photographer.

Little did they know that it was the first wedding I booked. Ever.

As we sat in the meeting, we spoke about many things, but I couldn’t shake the feelings of inadequacy and trepidation. However, Mark and Tiffany were quite the opposite. Reassurance, thick layers of creamy compliments, and an array of positive sprinkles. A confidence cupcake, if you will.

By the time their wedding rolled around the following Summer, I shot a handful of weddings and was excited to be a part of their day…mostly because they saw beauty in ashes. Potential buried in a sea of self-doubt.

As life would have it, when Mark and Tiffany made their way into the San Juan Capistrano Mission for their Day After photo session, ashes were floating everywhere from the nearby Orange County fires. The sun was red and cast an inordinately warm glow on the terracotta walls. They looked positively radiant and I felt blessed to be working with them again.

Mark and Tiffany, thank you for seeing beauty in ashes.

This shot is for Tiffany. She combed over endless stacks of bridal magazines and came across this pose. She wanted to recreate the shot with her and Mark…I hope it did it justice! 🙂
On a sidenote, if you’re a bride and you’re reading this, don’t be afraid to take ownership in the photoshoot…I LOVE when clients proffer ideas and come ready to work it for the camera! I value taking time to educate my clients and encourage them to help me make the session everything they want it to be and more!

To see more of their Day After Session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow to one of my and Tiffany’s favorite songs!!