Tiffany and Mark : Wedding


He held a glass of champagne and microphone in his left hand and precariously balanced his Blackberry with his right hand. As the ballroom sat in silence, Mark toasted his beautiful bride. He cautiously read from the small illuminated screen while Tiffany sat at the sweetheart table and basked in his adoration as he ended his speech. It’s been said, Mark spoke into the mic while shifting his weight from one foot to the other, that a man should not choose his wife based on whether he can live with her, but whether he can live without her…and, Tiffany, I can’t live without you…I love you. And with that, champagne glasses clinked and cheers proffered.

Mark and Tiffany initially met in the seventh grade and were smitten. However, it wasn’t until their junior year of high school when they dated exclusively. Tiffany saw Mark again at a swim meet and—while Tiffany states she fell in love with his personality and charm—Mark thinks the sight of him in Speedos most definitely secured her affection.

They spent their afternoon preparing to see each other for their wedding and upon first glance, their smiles never disappeared for the duration of their wedding. The entire day was orchestrated by the fabulous Anneken Design and the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach served as a gorgeous wedding backdrop, with The Orchid Boutique adding the beautiful floral details.

As the raucous sounds of laughter and clinking glasses filled the air, Mark—oblivious and uncaring to those around him—raised his champagne filled glass and tipped it toward Tiffany, who sat across the large Huntington Ballroom. She smiled and, in that moment, the two of them shared a slice of time together, away from others and completely for themselves.

Mark and Tiffany, I hope you’re having fun in Kauai! I’m blessed to have met you and have our friendship grow. I’m honored to have documented your wedding day and I have to let you know that everything was impeccable…the details, the vibe, and, more importantly, the love. Enjoy your time together and I can’t wait to hear about all the fun you had! Much Love…J*

The Shoes…

Mark sent Tiffany an adorable card and a heartfelt message….

They rode from the church to the wedding reception in a classic Rolls Royce…so awesome!

The groom and his boys looked quite dapper….

…The entire wedding party was quite fabulous too!

Just an overview of the beautiful transformation Anneken and her team accomplished…and one stinkin’ amazing cake by Great Dane Baking Company…it was outta control!

The first dance…

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!**A special thank goes out to Trista for second shooting…JD was actually a guest at the wedding, so we had a blast shooting together!**