Tofurious SEO Workshop


Last week–shortly after I returned from vacation in Puerto Rico–I battled a cold. And not your friendly cough, sniffle, cough garden style variety cold. It was like my lungs were inspired by a beat up 1943 Ford truck. Like my lungs were trying to win a muffler contest and the rumble in my chest was legit. Just ask JD…he thought he was sleeping next to a smoking trucker most nights. It was classy.

I had a meeting scheduled with Lawrence of Tofurious, and I didn’t want to cancel because our schedules finally worked after weeks of hits and misses. So me and the Ford truck nestled in my chest decided to show up and meet for a Search Engine Optimization seminar. Everything was fine and dandy…until…until I caught a cough in my throat. Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s a cough that’s STUCK IN YOUR THROAT. I tried coughing, but I couldn’t really breathe. I wanted to drink a little tea, but I was coughing. And then I couldn’t stop. Like, really, I couldn’t stop coughing if my life depended on it. So, there I sat coughing–looking much a like a cat with a hairball in my throat–until I had to excuse myself (via sign language) and step outside. It was classy.

The good news is that Lawrence was a total gem and acted like everyone gets coughing attacks when they meet him for the first time. Oh, what? Oh, yes coughing is just my thing. I have that affect on women.

Lawrence and Lan Bui pretty much rocked my world. The SEO workshop was nothing short of awesome and if you’re interested in learning more about understanding optimizing your web presence, definitely check out his upcoming workshops…they’re gonna be fabulous! Here’s a short video Lan shot shortly after the seminar was commenced.

I’m hoping Lawrence will visit an OC SmugMug meeting in the near future, so if/when he does, be sure to clear your calendar because he’s pretty much a web genius! Speaking of SmugMug meetings, I hope to see you THIS THURSDAY at 7pm for our next meeting…it should be pretty epic. I’m just sayin’…. To RSVP, CLICK HERE to let me know!

Happy Monday