Tower 23 Wedding : Victoria + Eric

Tower 23 Wedding : Victoria + Eric


Her laugh echoed down the hallway and she used her hands to talk, almost like she was shooing away oncoming clouds as well as pointing where her sister could find her garter. Music played, champagne popped, but no one stated the obvious: it was raining. Victoria and Eric planned their destination wedding to be in San Diego, away from their hometown Arizona heat, but the climate change was a little, well, unexpected. Victoria carried on in way that put everyone at ease because she knew nothing would stand in the way of marrying her soul mate.

Not even a flyaway tent.

Undeterred by the rain, the ceremony site was being tented, when the wind and rain reared with vicious ferocity. The coordinators, groomsmen, groom, and a few others tried holding the 1,500-pound tent, but the wind lifted it from the rooftop. Chairs were soaked, the archway toppled, and flowers overturned as Victoria watched from her Tower 23 window. The ceremony was moved inside and through it all, Victoria smiled. As she walked down the aisle into the arms of her future husband, he cried. No amount of wind, nor rain, nor flyaway tents could keep them from celebrating the union of their souls.

Victoria and Eric, I hope you’re enjoying Napa and sipping on delicious wine…far away from stormy weather! Thank you for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to document your love. I’ve never met a couple who’s love, dedication, and optimism jumps so clearly from your hearts and onto others. If I didn’t like you so much, I might be jealous. 😉 Much Love and Appreciation… j*

The wedding was held at Tower 23 Hotel in San Diego, and I loved modern vibe to decor…it made photographing details a lot of fun because every corner received great window light…

Victoria donned a Priscilla of Boston wedding dress and matched perfectly for her beachside wedding…

The rain came and went all morning, but when these clouds appeared on the horizon, we knew we were in for a legit storm…I’ve lived in California my entire life and I’ve never seen it storm the way it did last Friday. The entire hotel staff and the amazing coordinators (Nick and Aleah of Valley and Co) worked tirelessly to make the day flow seamlessly…and their hard work paid off…I was so impressed…

Victoria…you’re so fierce…go on with your gorgeous self…

Many thanks to Kristy of Momental Designs for providing hand-painted invitations…

The rain turned to a drizzle and Eric was kind enough to step outside for a photo…he makes the overcast light look even better…

As the rain fell, Victoria waited in the Tower 23 Hotel lobby to walk down to her future husband…

Most of the ceremony details were lost due to the rain, but these adorable petal holders were salvaged and I couldn’t be happier…Eric is a cartographer (a map maker) and this personalization to their ceremony made me smile…

All of the family formal photos and the bridal party photos had to take place in the hotel due to the rainy weather and just when I almost lost hope for the bride+groom wedding photos, the rain stopped. Just like that. Raging storm to light drizzle…and I was so happy I almost cried. Okay, I kinda did…I got teary-eyed because this was SUCH an amazing couple and I just wanted them to have wedding photos they loved…being outside really helped capture everything they are…

We had about 15 minutes for wedding photos because of the weather delay, but Victoria and Eric made the best of their time and showcased just how amazingly they view life…

Thank the sweet Lord for sunset…

Many, many (and many more) thanks to Aleah and Nick of Valley and Co for their patience, dilligence, and professionalism planning this wedding…and dealing with all the changes. We went from Plan A to Plan B…to Plan E in a matter of 30 minutes and they were total gems!

JD’s view of the First Dance…

My view of the First Dance…

No amount of rain could ruin their big night…

To see more of Victoria and Eric’s Tower 23 wedding, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Bethany Cox -

    The sunset reflection and the bride holding his hand and looking down walking are both incredible. i love them.

      11.10.11 - 2:15 pm

  2. LEOLAK -

    Wow….the bride…the dress…the invitations…gorge! Looks like a great save from the crazy weather! Great job Jasmine and JD! Love that sunset pic.

      11.10.11 - 2:16 pm

  3. Millie -

    The sun didn’t shine that day, but their love did!! Beautiful, beautiful couple.

      11.10.11 - 2:29 pm

  4. Kristin Nicole -


      11.10.11 - 2:56 pm

  5. desiree -

    i love these pics! the last wedding i shot, it rained the entire day also! you did an awesome job capturing the day & i’m so glad you were able to go outside for some pics! i love the tower 23 shot of them outside! FAVORITE!!!

      11.10.11 - 2:59 pm

  6. Stephanie Stewart -

    What a beautiful wedding! And those sunset images of the happy couple, perfection! Love them all!
    p.s. Those hand-painted invitations are so lovely!

      11.10.11 - 3:06 pm

  7. The New Diplomat's Wife -

    gorgeous – especially the pictures of the two of them. makes me want to come to california. oh wait – i AM coming to california – just two more weeks !

      11.10.11 - 3:12 pm

  8. Rachel -

    LOVE the purples and the pinks of the shot of them in front of Tower 23 and I also adore the positivity on what can be a very stressful day.

      11.10.11 - 3:22 pm

  9. Rachel Tatem -

    How crazy about the tent! She sounds like an amazing person, too keep not only calm but happy in all of that.

      11.10.11 - 3:33 pm

  10. Neda Lahrodi-Blake -

    What a sweet story – weather can be unpredictable but love and a life time togather makes up for all the rest.

      11.10.11 - 3:37 pm

  11. Emily Ebeling -

    WOW!!!!! amazing pics, and great composure during a potential nightmare of a day- which you make look SO dreamy- I especially love the way you captured the sunset light. again, Amazing 😉

      11.10.11 - 3:50 pm

  12. scott westerman -

    Hi Jasmine, No matter what the weather does, The star always shines bright. Great job on a testing kinda day.x

      11.10.11 - 4:08 pm

  13. Paula Franco -

    As you are an important part of the wedding, it’s normal you’d suffered for them, that’s one of the things I like of your job.
    Thanks lord you can managed it all! I’m sure the couple will be happily forever. Despite the weather, you both did a great job!

      11.10.11 - 4:10 pm

  14. Mary Marantz -

    Ohh….emmm…geee!! Those shoes!! Love em! And love the sunset shots!

      11.10.11 - 4:15 pm

  15. Elizabeth Langford -

    Beautiful photos and beautiful words Jasmine. Congratulations to the fabulous bride and groom!!!

      11.10.11 - 4:21 pm

  16. Sarah -

    …the most amazing gift you could give was a reminder of all the beautiful, calm parts of their day, so that years from now it’s only part they really remember clearly. The storm, the changes…it’ll all just be a funny footnote to it all. Your talent to tell a story is beautiful, simply beautiful.

      11.10.11 - 4:23 pm

  17. Tonja Meyer -

    Jasmine, Your Love via the Lens Lingers! Congratulations to the HaPPy Hearts! = )

      11.10.11 - 4:24 pm

  18. Shannon Wimberly -

    wow….. nice… very nice Jasmine 🙂

      11.10.11 - 4:37 pm

  19. Mikaela -

    wow. judging by your stunning images, I would say this wedding was perfect!

      11.10.11 - 4:41 pm

  20. Rachel Ranalli -

    The picture with the sunset is STUNNING. What a beautiful wedding even with the storm!

      11.10.11 - 4:47 pm

  21. Julie -

    Gorgeous. You would hardly know the rain ruined their original plans. You make everything look beautiful Jasmine!

      11.10.11 - 4:58 pm

  22. Whitney Schey -

    Love what you captured on their faces in the up close slow dance photo. Man. That’s the look of satisfaction.

      11.10.11 - 5:00 pm

  23. Whitney Schey -

    PS: Last photo… whoosh goes my heart. Quite the ambiance.

      11.10.11 - 5:02 pm

  24. Robin -

    Taking lemon weather and turning it into a lemonade celebration of love!

      11.10.11 - 5:08 pm

  25. Kristyn Smith -

    Beautiful Photos!

      11.10.11 - 5:20 pm

  26. Edith -

    Gorgeous pictures and her dress, oh what a beautiful dress…! 🙂

      11.10.11 - 5:39 pm

  27. Aisha Mujib Khan -

    Of course, all of them are beautiful, but the photo of the seating cards on the left is particularly lovely. The light and flowers are a very nice touch.

      11.10.11 - 6:19 pm

  28. Odalys Mendez -

    These are quietly breathtaking, so romantic! I love the moddiness of the light throughout the day. The black and white photo of her stepping off the sidewalk is such a fresh shot!

      11.10.11 - 6:42 pm

  29. Dominik -

    Wonderful wedding!

      11.10.11 - 7:01 pm

  30. Amber -

    Beautiful photos, great job thinking fast on your feet!

      11.10.11 - 7:02 pm

  31. Kat Harris -

    The black and white portrait of them holding hands and her walking forward is bomb. It feels like such an authentic moment. Love love.

      11.10.11 - 7:09 pm

  32. Meredith Sledge -

    Jasmine! You’re such a creative photogapher! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!

      11.10.11 - 7:14 pm

  33. Martin Hambleton -

    Modern decor does it for me every time. Just love the shot of the bride on the sofa fastening her shoes. No clutter, no fuss. Great shot. The ceremony and out in the rain too – awesome.

      11.10.11 - 7:41 pm

  34. Debbie Schwab -

    You made a rainy wedding day look envious! Love the color palette too. Beautiful wedding.

      11.10.11 - 8:09 pm

  35. Victoria Kenas -

    Who are those people?! How did you make us look so good?;-). You truly are fabulously talented! Thank for making our day even more amazing than it was.

      11.10.11 - 8:14 pm

  36. Amy Arrington -

    Beautiful photos Jasmine.

      11.10.11 - 8:35 pm

  37. Jodie Lemke -

    love this. Her ring is amazing! Just showed it to my hubby 😉 "that’s what I like babe!" lol hints never work around here!

    Gorgeous Couple!

      11.10.11 - 9:23 pm

  38. tardy -

    great pictures. your shoe shots are always so interesting

      11.10.11 - 10:36 pm

  39. Mona Alicia -

    Wonderful pictures Jasmine, and a wonderful story to go with them. Great job to you and JD for making it work! I’d love to see a Reflections post about this wedding. I’m sure it was stressful to you, but the images are gorgeous!

      11.10.11 - 10:51 pm

  40. Katelyn James -

    Love the invitation shot!!!!

      11.11.11 - 1:12 am

  41. Jenika -

    The shot of the pier is breathtaking. Sometimes the steel gray of a storm is more stunning than a perfect blue sky.

      11.11.11 - 4:35 am

  42. Aleah + Nick -

    Jasmine + JD – it was so fantastic to work with you both and, despite the {definition of} inclement weather, the wedding day was just amazing. It shows us all what love and marriage and weddings should truly be about. Thank you for capturing the day so beautifully. Eric and Victoria look amazing and just so happy!

      11.11.11 - 4:18 pm

  43. Lisa Kenas -

    Sometimes in the wedding industry events can be crazy. Jasmine was always smiling and had a wonderful attitude. What a blessing she is. What amazing pictures you have given them. Thanks Carl, Lisa and Mason Kenas

      11.12.11 - 2:52 am

  44. Steve Gower -

    what a great set of images!

      11.13.11 - 6:33 am

  45. w -

    Great work Jasmine. Great looking venue, and I love all the details – the maps are a treat!

      11.14.11 - 3:36 am

  46. Alexa Woodsen -

    Your wedding photos are beautiful. I love the fact that you used black and white in the intimate ones. Great wedding.

      11.15.11 - 12:56 am

  47. Wedding Photographers -

    Jasmin, You have done a fabulous work. These photographs are amazing. My personal favorite among all is that one when Victoria and Eric standing so close with their eyes are closed. This picture looks so beautiful.

      11.16.11 - 6:30 am

  48. tardy -

    i keep going back to this post. you caught some amazing moments!

      11.16.11 - 3:44 pm

  49. Phoenix Photographic -

    A beautiful set Jasmine

      11.17.11 - 9:44 am

  50. April -

    STUNNING. And so lovely I’m getting choked up just looking at the pictures. Dare I say it – I think the rain and stormy skies just intensified the look and feel of this gorgeous wedding!

      11.17.11 - 6:48 pm

  51. Susan Lloyd Photography -

    Thanks, as always, for the brilliant inspiration. And thank you for loving your clients…that’s impressive.

      11.18.11 - 6:37 pm

  52. Fotograf Koeln -

    Nice! I like it a lot. Best regards from Germany

      11.20.11 - 12:40 pm

  53. detalles -

    Love this pictures perfect wedding thank you to share

      11.20.11 - 5:59 pm

  54. Tony Gonzalez -

    Absolutely beautiful! It’s awesome to see the couples life and beauty partnered with your passion and excellence in photography Jasmine. Absolutely wonderful.

      12.1.11 - 6:08 pm

  55. Dade Freeman -

    Simply beautiful as ever 🙂

      12.5.11 - 6:57 pm

  56. wedding photographer nyc -

    I love your work. Very inspiring.
    Your photos re breathtaking. Thanks

      12.5.11 - 7:03 pm

  57. Derek -

    Beautiful work as always Jasmine!

      12.6.11 - 5:07 am

  58. Brooke Summer Photography -

    WOW what an awesome, unique ring! Beautiful work Jasmine. 🙂

      12.13.11 - 4:44 pm

  59. Codrin -

    It is the first time i visit your website and I must say: your pictures are stunning. I will be a regular guest from now on because this is very inspiring! Great job Jasmine, me and my wife will follow you. Merry Christmas and A Happy New and Better Year!

      12.26.11 - 3:53 pm

  60. Yarra Valley Wedding Photography -

    Stunning photography as usual!

      1.3.12 - 8:46 am

  61. Sarah Fyffe -

    We get days like that all the time here in Ireland but funny there’s always a break in the rain for B&G’s

      1.12.12 - 11:58 pm

  62. Angie G -

    I love the first dance shot…so sweet

      1.17.12 - 2:53 am

  63. Wedding Photographer Essex -

    Wonderful set of images Jasmine, I really like the reflective shoe shot – looks great!

      1.20.12 - 7:22 pm

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