Tracy and Alex : Anytime


They were friends. Since high school.

Alex and Tracy saw each other in the light of friendship and often enjoyed each other’s company. Just before graduation—at the ripe age of 17—Tracy enlisted in the Army, promising her allegiance to the United States of America during the height of the war in Iraq. Alex promised to stay in touch while Tracy was abroad, and he did.

While Tracy was stationed in Europe, Alex thought a visit to his friend was just what she needed…a slice of home on a different continent. Then something changed: Friendship, devotion, and care melted into unadulterated love. When Alex returned to the US, he knew something was different and realized a part of his heart was left in the pocket of Tracy’s Army fatigues.

Last week, as Tracy deboarded a civilian plane on a three-week holiday from her role as sergeant, Alex nervously waited for her…because, in addition to having a piece of her heart, he clutched a diamond engagement ring in pocket. Tracy said YES and though she’ll return to her responsibilities serving America abroad, Tracy’s allegiance is happily divided between her country and future husband.

I was SO honored to photograph Alex and Tracy! Alex called me a while ago and shared his proposal plans with me, so I was happy to photograph them less than a week of being engaged! The wedding isn’t for a while—as Tracy will return abroad and finish her duty of service—but I know they’ll begin this journey happily.

I don’t know what exactly was going on in his picture, but I think it had something to do with Alex questioning Tracy’s toughness…

…Which later prompted Tracy challenging Alex to push-ups! 🙂

Probably my favs from the session…

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