Using Facebook in my Wedding Photography Business


Yesterday I logged onto Facebook’s F8 Conference via the live stream. I listened to pre-keynote chatter from the hosts and by the time I got settled onto my couch, I laughed in front of my laptop as Andy Samberg imitated Mark Zuckerberg. SLOW POKE!!! How many exclamation points can I use in a post? Let’s see!!!

While the entire presentation was close to three hours in length, I watched the entirety because I felt Zuckerberg’s annoucement about Facebook’s new Timeline was important. And imperative to how I do business. Yes, I consider Facebook an intergral piece of my business. It has, by far, been one of the most effective marketing tools for my wedding photography and I’m excited for what’s in store!

And there’s another exclamation point. Lemme just tell you, I’m gonna annoy you!

In case you missed it, you can read more about what, exactly, Timeline is here on this Facebook blog post. Okay, so now what? How will the new changes impact my business?
     *Timeline gives my clients on Facebook the ability to archive their wedding…and highlight it as an important moment in their lives. This will most likely result in a larger picture and denoted as a milestone. No longer will my photos disappear down a rabbit hole of status updates or buried in photos of what a bride ate for dinner. The wedding is highlighted…and archived as a big deal. If a client’s friend is looking at huge moments in my client’s life, my photos will come up. And when my photos appear, that’s marketing. Priceless archival marketing.
     *The new ticker is a great feature as well and I’m excited to see how companies in the photo industry begin to create apps that allow clients to interact with their friends, specifically related to her wedding photos. For instance, if a client is viewing her online proofing gallery through a Facebook app, the ticker can notify her that her friend is looking at the images too. Perhaps the bride can start a chat with her friend through FB about the wedding images I captured. Awesomesauce.
     *The apps within Facebook are freaking sick. Facebook is basically replicating what Apple has created with phone apps, but juiced up like a cast member of the Jersey Shore. You can download an app within Facebook that will allow you to connect with friends via similarities. Right now the apps are focused on movies, lifestyle, and music, but they’re evolving and I have no doubt photo sharing capabilities are the next roll out.

All of this is new to me. I’m still trying to navigate how it’ll play out in my business, but it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Clients adapt much faster to Facebook changes and I need to find ways to help them talk. About their wedding photos, but–moreso–about the person who captured their photos. Me. And you, if we’re willing to work hard.

Just to show how vital Facebook is to my business, here’s a recent example. Last weekend two of my brides happened to be guests at the same wedding. An entire year after their weddings, and this is what unfolded:

Yes, Bree and Keren are still connecting…with each other…with me…and creating the type of conversations that drive connections/business my way. For this, I’m thankful. And I see a bright future! <-- exclamation point Happy Friday!