Valerie : Boudoir


She folded her clothes neatly and laid them in a closet, placing them the same way she might have had the pile been a baby. Delicately, slowly. Valerie turned and laughed, betraying nervousness and slight excitement. It was her one-year wedding anniversary and she planned to surprise her husband with boudoir photos. There in the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood, Valerie melted into a gorgeous model, brimming with light and confidence. I have no doubt her husband, Phil, will enjoy her anniversary gift to him.

I was thrilled to work with Valerie again…I photographed her Day After session at The Viceroy Hotel last year and it’s always a pleasure catching up with clients. She just graduated from law school and I’m certain the legal world will be a better place because she’s in it. Val, much love to you. Thank you for spoiling me and reminding me how blessed I am to have clients like you.

Many thanks to the ever fabulous Tanya Bures for Valerie’s amazing makeup and Tommy Cyr for hair.