Vancouver, eh?

Vancouver, eh?


Yesterday was a great day. Not because I got to visit Canada for the first time in my life, not because JD and I found this amazing Japanese restaurant where they spoke verrry little English, and not because I convinced JD to buy me a jacket from Lululemon because I left mine at home. Actually, those moments made the day special, but what made the day great was the chance to meet an amazing group of photographers in Vancouver.

I spoke at ImageQuest Conference at the River Rock Hotel and being surrounded by such an amazing group of photographers rocked my world. I was incredibly welcomed and I felt like an honorary Canadian. I even tried ending my sentences with eh?, but I was quickly informed that it made me sound like a tourist. Pffft.

JD snapped a few photos of the event, but I was emailed today by Mikaela and she blogged a few photos, so I decided to just borrow hers because, well, if I was being honest, I’m just too tired to edit my own! 😉

Mikaela grabbed this quick photo of me and JD and I really, really love it. Or maybe I just love him. Anyway…it’s here…so deal with it! 😉

I decided to sit at the end of the presentation for Q+A…it was a four-hour presentation, and my heels were not cooperating with me….

To the many amazing photographers who showed up…thank you. I know you heard many different perspectives and opinions during the three-day conference, but I appreciate your willingness to be open. And to share. And laugh. I’m so excited to make my way back to Vancouver soon and when I do, I can’t wait to hang out again! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Michelle Guzman -

    You and JD are so cute together! Okay, now I want to visit Canada.

      3.24.10 - 7:24 pm

  2. Jen Williams -

    From what I’ve heard everyone left Imagequest inspired…so sad I missed it 🙁 I did get to see you speak at WPPI though and you were awesome – TRUFF!! 😀

      3.24.10 - 7:26 pm

  3. Jihan Cerda -

    Hopefully your new jacket kept you warm. Glad you had fun and have a safe trip back. =)

      3.24.10 - 7:28 pm

  4. Michelle Dixon -

    Jasmine! thank you SO MUCH for coming here to chat with us yesterday!! I was TOTALLY moved by your session, as I connect with you in so many ways. I have talked about my experience on my blog… if you would like to read it 🙂 and just want you to know that your section of the conference is the one that hits home the hardest. I admire you!!! Thank you so much for coming and just being YOU!

      3.24.10 - 7:28 pm

  5. Howard Haby -

    Sooo glad you enjoyed your visit to Canada! Like everywhere, you have a lot of fans up here too.

      3.24.10 - 7:30 pm

  6. Marissa Rodriguez -

    Four hours!? Whoa! I so wish I was there! But I’m sure you did amazing! Love the pic of you and JD!

      3.24.10 - 7:31 pm

  7. Lisa -

    You need to come to Michigan!! Love of photo of you and JD!

      3.24.10 - 7:32 pm

  8. Emily Hoskins -

    It was so awesome to hear you and meet you, Jasmine. Thanks for coming to Canada!

      3.24.10 - 7:34 pm

  9. julie whitlock -

    I think you should say eh all you like. I sometimes catch myself saying it and I feel like a cultural stereotype! Love from Canada eh!!

      3.24.10 - 7:36 pm

  10. Daniela -

    Thank you so much for coming up here. I really enjoyed your presentation and you are soooo funny!!

      3.24.10 - 7:40 pm

  11. Natalie Tuggle -

    I can’t believe you stood four hours in heals! You really are amazing :).

      3.24.10 - 7:44 pm

  12. AmyPunky Photography (Emilie) -

    That photo of JD and you is too cute!!! I love your jacket and your shoes!! 🙂

      3.24.10 - 7:48 pm

  13. jamie delaine -

    thanks for coming, eh? — ugh. i feel wrong typing that. ha! loved seeing you speak again jas!

      3.24.10 - 7:50 pm

  14. kelsy mccartney -

    you are such a busy woman! i love the fact that you’re willing to genuinely help everyone you encounter. in fact, my photographing partner in crim {my hubby} and i are hoping to meet you at escalate 2010!! you are such an inspiration 🙂

      3.24.10 - 7:56 pm

  15. Rebecca -

    Thank you so much for coming Jasmine! Vancouver <3 ‘s you!

      3.24.10 - 7:58 pm

  16. Cait Scott -

    LOVE the picture of you and JD – its a fun and relaxed one of you guys! Wish I could have made the conference.

      3.24.10 - 8:06 pm

  17. l2njpx -

    Wow, 4 hours! Congratulation!!! I am from Hungary and I love your blog…and want a marriage like your’s:-)))

      3.24.10 - 8:16 pm

  18. Lara McAllister -

    Thank you so much for coming to Vancouver and sharing so openly with us. You are truly inspiring!

      3.24.10 - 8:20 pm

  19. LAURA HANA -

    Oh, I’m so curious which Japanese restaurant you went to if it wasn’t Hapa! There are so many in Vancouver. When you’re back in town, we’ll def hook you up. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your story and for being so real. I learned a ton and I’m so excited to work on my business. Thanks also to JD for being so great! Hope to see you two again soon. 🙂

      3.24.10 - 8:29 pm

  20. Bentley B. -

    Wow. I’m a recent fan of you and your work. I didn’t know you were coming to Vancouver at all. And you spoke at River Rock, which is 15 mins. away from where I live. Quite unfortunate for me to miss this 🙁

      3.24.10 - 8:32 pm

  21. Rachel Peters Photography -

    Hi Jasmine, I met you in Vegas the night of your big "sold out" presentation!!! I live at the other end of Canada but would have loved to seen you again, except for the 10ish hour flight – would have been there! I am sure that all the photographers you presented to learned a lot! Take Care Eh!

      3.24.10 - 8:32 pm

  22. Leyla -

    I love that photo of JD & you… it’s got so much warmth and character.. . How did you like Vancouver?

      3.24.10 - 8:37 pm

  23. B -

    Ohhh, sister child, you’re hair looks fabulous.

      3.24.10 - 8:44 pm

  24. Eileen Whitmore -

    First of all, I’d like to say, you rocked my world too! I have been so inspired and can’t thank you enough! And it doesn’t matter wether or not you can pass of "eh" you’re an honorary Canadian nonetheless!

      3.24.10 - 8:57 pm

  25. Richard Schmon -

    Hi Jasmine, I absolutely loved your presentation. I learned a ton and had a great time. So glad I busted in on your lunch too!

    Thanks again,


      3.24.10 - 9:07 pm

  26. Amy Williams -

    Thanks so much for sparking our creative juices! (I know they are a little cold up here!!) You rocked the stage heels and all.

      3.24.10 - 9:56 pm

  27. melissa -

    You need to come to the Eastern-ish part of Canada next! We’ll welcome you with open arms in Ottawa (the capital of Canada) Jasmine! We love you up here too 🙂

      3.24.10 - 10:06 pm

  28. Kare -

    Jealous of the West Coast Canadians – I’m going to ask you to come East every chance I get.

      3.24.10 - 10:12 pm

  29. JenP -

    Seriously, Jasmine, you and JD are my favorite blogging couple EVER!

      3.24.10 - 10:15 pm

  30. Rose Dykstra -

    It was such a pleasure meeting you and hearing you speak. You are such an inspiration. Thanks for coming to our neck of the woods and hope you can come back!

      3.24.10 - 10:18 pm

  31. Cathy Empey -

    You rocked my world yesterday! Thank you, and so glad to have met you and JD! Please come back and visit again! xo

      3.24.10 - 10:27 pm

  32. Anne Adams -

    You know there is a lulu outlet in Vancouver, right ;)?

      3.24.10 - 10:28 pm

  33. Sarah Funk -

    Thanks for coming to see us in Vancouver! I really enjoyed listening to you speak, and despite the way I am sure your feet felt at the end, those shoes were fab!!

      3.24.10 - 10:28 pm

  34. s h e r r y -

    Thanks SO much for sharing your knowledge! I think you were hilarious!! :):) I hope you enjoyed Vancouver, and I heard you got to check out Lululemon.

      3.24.10 - 10:38 pm

  35. Anna Kim -

    Okay, I’m surprised you didn’t use ‘eh’ not even once. You must not have been in Canada long enough.

      3.24.10 - 10:42 pm

  36. Mikaela -

    What an afternoon of fabulousness and learning! And you rocked it all in heels. Like I said, I’m honored you snagged the photos 🙂 PS don’t worry, we don’t all say eh…

      3.24.10 - 10:45 pm

  37. Chantel -

    Could you and JD get any cuter? Seriously, God was totally showin off when you two got together! F’real! I CANNOT wait for ESCALATE 2010! You truly are a bright star in my life and I am so thankful for who you choose to be in this industry. Blessings to you, JD, Polo and your fabulous business!


      3.24.10 - 11:18 pm

  38. Tanya Kaselj -

    You are definitely a STAR in my books. You were everything you show to be on your blog plus so much more. Looking to come to a workshop in California this summer if you offer one. You are so inspiring. Truff!

      3.24.10 - 11:40 pm

  39. Jillian Kirby -

    It was sooo wonderful to have you here… awesome presentation, insightful, entertaining, and nothing but the "truff"!
    Thanks for the great advice re: my chucks and american eagle hoodies! haah!

      3.24.10 - 11:55 pm

  40. Deanna McCollum -

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge. You are were fun and inspiring, excellent presentation. And Caesha says "Hi" back.

      3.25.10 - 12:15 am

  41. Manuella Pararas-Hulbert -

    Vancouver was lucky to have you, but like others have mentioned, you need to come see some of the other parts of Canada too. Personally, I think your next stop should be Toronto!!lol. J* in Toronto, has a nice ring to it eh?

      3.25.10 - 12:29 am

  42. jenny -

    Vancouver is so fortunate to have you speak ! I’m sure you’re exhausted. Love your jacket btw ( oh and those pretty heels !!)

      3.25.10 - 12:37 am

  43. Shannon -

    4 hours presenting in heels. Sounds like a nightmare.

      3.25.10 - 12:39 am

  44. Jenny Sun -

    Jasmine, where do you do your shopping! I LOVE ur clothes! That jacket is aweeeesome! 😀

      3.25.10 - 1:44 am

  45. Patti -

    Jasmine, I am so happy that you were able to enjoy a little bit of our part of the world! I am sure those Canadians treated you well. I agree with Manuella, Toronto is a lovely place to visit! If you would ever like to venture this way let Brent and I know and we would be more than happy to help arrange anything you and JD would need. It would be great to see you guys again eh!

      3.25.10 - 2:33 am

  46. Camillia -

    Jasmine…thank you. I’m pretty sure you changed my life. I am oddly in love with you. Is that weird?

    I hope in 5 years I’ll meet you again with my own success story…


      3.25.10 - 3:18 am

  47. Peggy Millar -

    Wow! Four hours went by way too fast! You rocked the podium big time. After all I learned at IQ this weekend, the most valuable lesson was, without a doubt "keeping it real".

      3.25.10 - 3:39 am

  48. Lydia -

    LOVE the picture of you and JD!

      3.25.10 - 3:45 am

  49. gladys jem -

    the photo of you and jd melts my heart. love it.

      3.25.10 - 3:52 am

  50. Blair -

    Jasmine!! Come to Calgary we love you here too!

      3.25.10 - 4:11 am

  51. Lindsay -

    I love that you loved it here. You are amazing. Please come back soon!!!!

      3.25.10 - 4:30 am

  52. kira lauren photo -

    ok, jasmine. seriously. where did you get that blazer!?

      3.25.10 - 4:51 am

  53. bethany schiedel -

    you were inspiring!!! thank you so much for your southern truffff!
    i am so charged! i was "toying" with the idea of revamping my business… now… it’s happening! I’m changing everything and I am so so stoked! thanks for the Life 😉

      3.25.10 - 6:33 am

  54. Kim Spears -

    Jasmine, it was a dream come true getting to watch you speak. I met you with CJ and kicked myself after for not getting a photo with you, which I am thinking means I hope to meet you again someday and make that happen 😉 You are an inspiration in so many ways and I am excited to start making some fabulous changes to my business. Thank you for coming to see us! I hope you felt welcomed and enjoyed our beautiful westcoast. Thanks for sharing nothing but Truff !!

      3.25.10 - 3:31 pm

  55. Katie Whitcomb -

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that is determined to wear heels for a long period of time.

      3.25.10 - 3:40 pm

  56. Natascha -

    You are amazing "little shrimp" 🙂

      3.25.10 - 3:54 pm

  57. Derek Frenzel -

    Go Canadia! Vancouver is one of my favorite big cities; glad you had a chance to visit.

      3.25.10 - 4:27 pm

  58. Barbara Halstead -

    I would love to see your presentation…if you are ever in Seattle let me know!

      3.25.10 - 6:46 pm

  59. cassandra-m -

    What an amazing opportunity and honor. congrats. I imagine your presentation simply ROCKED!

      3.25.10 - 8:54 pm

  60. Oswaldo Acevedo -

    Great work Jasmine, Keren & Pieter you look excellent.

      3.25.10 - 10:34 pm

  61. Patti -

    I forgot to ask… did Polo come with you and JD to Canada and wear his little Canadian shirt? Does it fit?

      3.26.10 - 3:41 am

  62. Heidi Massie -

    Jasmine, you have made me a fanatic. Thank you so much for coming to our "cold" city and speaking the troof to us. You rocked!

      3.26.10 - 7:09 am

  63. Brent Pilgrim -

    I 2nd what Patti wrote! We’d love to help!

      3.26.10 - 4:49 pm

  64. sarah r -

    Very good talk Jasmine. You are a talented speaker and don’t worry if you didn’t get any *AMENS*, we were all just being quiet well behaved Candians ;). Thank you for sharing your experiences…

      3.26.10 - 6:03 pm

  65. Stephanie Stewart -

    Congrats, Jasmine! And love that photo of you and JD, sooo cute!!!

      3.26.10 - 8:04 pm

  66. amanda thiessen -

    such a cute picture of you and jd!!!! and so awesome you guys are making your way around the globe! 😉 awesome!

      3.26.10 - 11:30 pm

  67. feuza -

    that is so cool eh,

      3.27.10 - 4:36 am

  68. Therese -


      3.30.10 - 12:55 am

  69. Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz -

    OOOOhhhh I am so sad I missed it 🙁

      4.5.10 - 5:26 am

  70. Carolina Thompson -

    You should come to Brazil. I am reading all of your posts, and I loved your job! Thank you for share that with us.

      4.15.10 - 5:10 pm

  71. Joee -

    J*, you need to seriously come to Toronto ! If you do, let me know. I will take care of all the arrangements.

      4.17.10 - 2:34 pm

  72. darciesutherland -

    Jasmine I just read this post, come to Toronto!!! You can stay conmigo!!! LOL

      6.25.11 - 4:24 pm

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