Victoria and Brian : Engagement


When asked how they met, Brian looked to Victoria and asked her to recount it. You always say all the details… Victoria smiled and her eyes danced with anticipation as she painted a picture of the night they met. Sitting in a Los Angeles club, she sipped on drinks and watched as dark figures made their way across the dimly lit floor. With a group of friends, she laughed and enjoyed the night until Victoria saw a few guys walk in. Based on their height, she guessed they were athletes, but she wasn’t having any of it. Because, as most girls in LA know, athletes can be a cocktail of sweet and sour, often on the rocks.

They made eye contact and felt the chemistry, but Victoria was on her way home and no urge to coo and swoon like the harem of girls surrounding the tree-like figures. Just as valet pulled her car out front and she sat, Brian–with a baseball cap pulled just under his brows–ran over to the car and invited her to stay. Just a bit longer. She politely declined and nudged her girlfriend to get things moving. Quickly. Before going home, the two girls decided to stop at a party…and none other than Brian himself later joined the party as well. They spent the night talking…which later led to crazy things. Like falling in love.

Serendipity played her role in carving their paths to cross. Twice. As Victoria recounted the story, Brian looked at her with eager anticipation–as if hearing the story for the first time–and smiled. She’s energetic, talks with fervent animation, and waves her hands and she speaks…and he just soaks her in. Every ounce of her energy is corralled and held in his large palm. They’re perfect for each other.

I’m thrilled to be documenting their wedding this July and I know it’s going to be ultra fab! Here are a few photos from their engagement session…

This was one of the first frames shot in the session and ended up being one of my favs…

What you can’t see in this photo are the gorgeous Christian Louboutin’s Victoria is rockin’. Even with four inch heels, she looks tiny next to Brian…who stands at 6’10”.

One of the things I simply adore about Brian is his kind and genuine demeanor. From the moment I met him, he was just as sweet as could be. Brian Cook plays basketball Houston Rockets, and I know he has a bright future with the team. When the Rockets recently played the Lakers in Playoffs, I was cheering for him…and for my LA boys!! I mean, com’on…he’s nice, but not nice enough to push my Purple and Gold allegiance aside! 😉 (Just kidding, Brian!)

Victoria decided to have their engagement photos taken in her childhood hometown. I arrived early to the shoot to scope the location and found this empty lot…and I just looooved the sun!

After a quick change, we headed to a nearby park for a little more fun…

I don’t really remember what was said here, but–trust me–it must have been funny! 😉

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow! And special thanks to Bella Weddings and Events for all their help in making everything flow so smoothly! Can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂