Welcome to my NEW BLOG!

Welcome to my NEW BLOG!


You know that feeling when you were a kid and it was time to open Christmas gifts, but your parents were caught up in a myriad of other “important” things? When I was six years old, a cup of coffee was not as important as opening the shiny packages, nor was waiting for my mother to find the right size trash bag to throw away the wrapping paper…apparently, my mother cared more about her living room remaining tidy than the sample Avon perfume that awaited her under the tree.

You know that feeling? Well, I’ve been feeling like that for the past few days.

The amazing and talented Brock Martin from Infidesign has been working diligently on my blog for the past couple months and I’m truly excited to see his hard work come to fruition. He has been instrumental in creating this blog and I’m truly thankful for all his hard work…words can’t describe how nice, professional, and fabulous he really is! 🙂

The rotating pictures in the masthead were all taken by the painstakingly talented, [b]ecker. He’s so incredibly talented behind the lens that if I didn’t like him so much, I’d hate him based solely on his photographic prowess 😉 Being in front of a camera is quite difficult, but as we roamed the streets of Laguna Beach together, he made me feel nothing but me. Fun, dorky, humorous…like I said, he made me feel like all of me. He’s amazing and I can’t wait to one day pay his kindness forward.

Lastly, I have to thank the remarkable man I’m blessed to call my husband. JD was the nucleus of this blog…he’s believed in my ability to succeed from the first day I ever dreamed out loud of being a photographer. He was the catalyst for my contact with Brock and a cheerleader (the kind with pants, not a skirt!) from the beginning. This blog was actually my birthday gift…and I have to admit, it’s been my most favorite gift ever!

Just a couple things…
* If you’d like to subscribe to my blog, you can click on the RSS Feed on the address bar or the RSS button at the bottom of the blog to stay updated.
* The COMMENTS section has been formatted easily so anyone can holla back without having to jump through Blogger hoops (yes, mom, I did this for you!)
* My old blog will remain active and act as an archive of memories
* This entry will stay pinned to the top for a little while, so don’t forget to scroll down to see the new posts! 🙂

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  1. Shy -

    I just wanted to leave the first comment!!!!

    You are amazing and i am so proud of you… everything you put your hand to turns to gold 😉

      5.16.07 - 10:07 pm

  2. Kenny Kim -

    This is awesome! 🙂 Congratulations.

      5.16.07 - 10:10 pm

  3. Nataly -

    Awww, your blog is soooo pretty! I kept checking the old blog to see if you had revealed the new one. Definitely worth the (small) wait!

      5.16.07 - 10:31 pm

  4. DBax -

    wow! i love the big photos!! congratulations on the awesome new blog.

      5.16.07 - 10:40 pm

  5. nicole green -

    it’s perfect!! 🙂 i absolutely love it! i cannot wait to stalk. haha!

      5.16.07 - 10:41 pm

  6. Amanda -

    LOVE IT! I love the simplicity and unclutteredness of it. 🙂 I love the colors. I love the pictures of you on the top. I love the big beautiful pictures for each entry. Awesome! AND I love how people can still click on other commentor’s names to see their sites/blogs. 🙂

      5.16.07 - 10:48 pm

  7. Bianca -

    I’m so proud of you! It’s beautiful ; )

      5.16.07 - 10:48 pm

  8. Nataly -

    By the way, now that the images are bigger, you can really appreciate how amazingly gorgeous they all are!

      5.16.07 - 10:52 pm

  9. Rodolfo Arpia -


      5.16.07 - 11:06 pm

  10. brittany leigh -

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! jaz, its beautiful! congrats! 🙂

      5.16.07 - 11:16 pm

  11. Rhonda -

    Absolutely beautiful. I definitely have blog envy!

      5.16.07 - 11:18 pm

  12. amynave -

    AHHHHHHH, I love it:)

    Don’t worry, I won’t forget to bookmark this blog, it’s seriously amazing:)

      5.16.07 - 11:21 pm

  13. Erika -

    Beautiful!= ) You, the blog, your words … Congrats! from me and my boys.

      5.16.07 - 11:26 pm

  14. Trista -

    Jasmine!! I love the new blog..it’s perfect in every way..congrats!!!!

      5.16.07 - 11:37 pm

  15. Jasmine C. -

    Love the new blog. 🙂

    I just recently got engaged this past weekend. All of your pictures get me so excited about engagement pictures.

      5.16.07 - 11:39 pm

  16. jessica claire -

    fantastic jazzy–amazing blog!

      5.16.07 - 11:45 pm

  17. Crystal Goss -

    Jasmine – I loooove it, girl!! Looks AMAZING! It’s so you! Love the shots Becker took. You look great, girl!

      5.17.07 - 12:05 am

  18. DrewB -

    Wow!!! It’s awesome Jas!!! Absolutely perfect!

      5.17.07 - 12:17 am

  19. Angela Hubbard | Photographer -

    Rock it girl. Looks FABULOUS!

      5.17.07 - 12:21 am

  20. Kapa -

    Hi Jasmine, love your new site, however there is a problem with the RSS feed when I tried to subscribe:

    Here is the error I get:

    An invalid character was found in text content.
    Line: 14 Character: 373

    <![CDATA[ You know that feeling when you were a kid and it was time to open Christmas gifts, but your parents were caught up in a myriad of other "important" things? When I was six years old, a cup of coffee was not as important as opening the shiny packages, nor was waiting for my mother to find the right size trash bag to throw away the wrapping paper

      5.17.07 - 12:31 am

  21. Brianna -

    It’s fabulous!
    P.S. Whoever helped you pick those photos at the top has an excellent eye. 😉

      5.17.07 - 12:33 am

  22. Courtney Toney -

    It looks so great! Your photos up top are adorable too! Good job Becker!

      5.17.07 - 12:33 am

  23. [ b ] e c k e r -

    looks great jazzy, congrats and happy blogging!

      5.17.07 - 12:40 am

  24. Stacy Cross -

    Great blog, Jasmine! Congratulations and it looks like it was well worth the wait! 🙂

      5.17.07 - 1:03 am

  25. carrie -

    love it! brock is really outdoing himself with all these AMAZING blogs. congratulations…it’s beautiful! -c

      5.17.07 - 1:29 am

  26. Evan Laettner -

    Love the big photos!

      5.17.07 - 2:37 am

  27. Stephan Maloman -

    That is one sexy looking Blog 😉

      5.17.07 - 4:10 am

  28. Jasmine* -

    Wow…THANK YOU everyone for the awesome feedback…y’all make me feel loved 😉

      5.17.07 - 5:25 am

  29. C.J. Scott -

    Beautiful new blog, Jasmine! Love it!

      5.17.07 - 5:38 am

  30. Jessica C. Moritz -

    Wow, wow, wow! LOVE to SEE all your images in BIG! Absolutely fab! Wow and love that engagement session!

      5.17.07 - 6:16 am

  31. Lauri -

    WOW! It’s absolutely fantastic! I love it. Congrats! 🙂

      5.17.07 - 1:20 pm

  32. Melissa Rich -

    go jasmine go!!!! It’s sooooo beautiful!!! yea!!! Look out world!

      5.17.07 - 2:01 pm

  33. Seshu -

    An absolutely kickin’ site. Will keep visiting again and again.

      5.17.07 - 2:49 pm

  34. scott neumyer -

    Beautiful new blog, Jazz! Fantastic. Congrats!!

      5.17.07 - 3:17 pm

  35. Melissa McClure -

    Gorgeous new blog Jasmine! Congrats!

      5.17.07 - 3:28 pm

  36. Dave Biesse -

    The Subscribe link is broken in your post here… I’m definitely subscribing though – your work is beautiful.

    Cheers, Dave

      5.17.07 - 4:33 pm

  37. Matt Antonino -

    Jazzy has a non-blogger blog!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on the new blog and being OFF blogger!!!

      5.17.07 - 5:13 pm

  38. Jeanette -

    I love it…the colors, the fomat, the simplicity, the beauty, the blogger 😉 …love it all!! Congrats Jasmine…you are A STAR! Ü

      5.17.07 - 5:25 pm

  39. allan z. -


      5.17.07 - 6:04 pm

  40. Frank DiMeo -

    Great looking blog!
    Great images! Great Jas!

      5.17.07 - 6:20 pm

  41. Maureen Ford -

    Love it! I didn’t think you could make your blog anymore fabulous than it already was…but you did! Congrats!

      5.17.07 - 6:42 pm

  42. Me Ra Koh -

    Jasmine! This is wonderful! You are just stunning! And your photos are breath taking! So beautiful! Can’t wait to see more!

      5.17.07 - 7:08 pm

  43. Mike Warren -

    This blog rocks Jazzy! Great job!!

      5.17.07 - 7:36 pm

  44. Mary -

    I was introduced to this blog through Becker’s and I am happy to have found it. Can I just say, if the photography thing hadn’t worked out – which it did and your photos are beautiful – you could’ve been a poet. You articulate incredibly. I have been blown away by both the pictures I’ve seen and the words I’ve read. I wish you knew my husband and I so you could take both our pictures AND write about us. Good luck and I look forward to lots more!

      5.17.07 - 7:53 pm

  45. stephanie -

    jasmine your new blog totally rocks. you inspire me each and everyday. you have an amazing gift. keep up the good work.

      5.17.07 - 8:44 pm

  46. Bumatay -

    Congrats on the new blog – looks great! Your writing is nothing but spectacular, and that’s what sets you apart. God bless.

      5.17.07 - 8:46 pm

  47. Reyna A. -

    Classy AND beautiful – just like you Jas! Gorgeous frame for amazing writing, I love it! Congradulations!

      5.17.07 - 10:50 pm

  48. Kevin Swan -

    Dear Lord, Brock is like the blog designer to the stars! He’s popping up everywhere!

    Love the new look. Of course, your blog has never been about looks for me. Though I love your photos, it’s the words that keep brining me back.


      5.18.07 - 12:40 am

  49. Sarah Barlow -

    WOW!! Jasmine!! You amaze me everytime I visit your blog and this time I’m definitely not disappointed! haha! I LOVE the new blog…and YOU! 🙂

      5.18.07 - 2:12 am

  50. Fred Egan -

    Jazzy-I’m so excited for you! It looks and feels great in here 🙂

      5.18.07 - 4:04 am

  51. Tracy -

    Wow! Your new blog looks absolutely amazing!

      5.18.07 - 4:06 am

  52. Nichanh -

    I love it! The pictures of you are awesome!

      5.18.07 - 2:53 pm

  53. daria -

    Love your gorgeous new blog, Jasmine! Your work is stunning! 🙂

      5.18.07 - 7:36 pm

  54. Gregg Hicks -

    Jazzy — The new blog looks AMAZING!!!!

      5.18.07 - 8:50 pm

  55. Tony -

    Congrats on the new blog, Jasmine. It’s awesome!

      5.18.07 - 9:18 pm

  56. Jessica Strickland -

    Love the new blog!!! It’s gorgeous and SO ARE YOU!! 😉

      5.19.07 - 11:06 am

  57. Carmen Perez -

    Great new blog. Congrats!!!
    You rock!

      5.21.07 - 6:16 am

  58. Katie Torres -

    It looks great! How wonderful! Congrats, we are so happy for you.

      5.21.07 - 1:06 pm

  59. sara from whitebox -

    wow jasmine! i love the new blog. the big images and the amazing color…..it ‘s hot!

      5.21.07 - 4:12 pm

  60. Scarlett -

    Woo hoo! LOOKS fabulous!! I love love love it! It’s so very YOU.

      5.21.07 - 10:04 pm

  61. Angelica -

    Hey Jasmine..that’s so funny. I was reading YOUR blog the other day. You’ve got some great stuff on here. 🙂

      5.22.07 - 1:47 pm

  62. Christy Hollingshead Photography -

    LOVE the blog! You are absolutely incredible.
    The pics of you at the top are gorgeous!

      5.22.07 - 3:50 pm

  63. melanie from whitebox -

    Great shots of you Jasmine, and the blog is HOT!!!

      5.22.07 - 11:32 pm

  64. Amy Martin -

    I love it! And you’re stunning too 🙂

      5.23.07 - 4:50 pm

  65. Mike -

    The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made. – Jean Giraudoux

      5.23.07 - 6:16 pm

  66. Jennie -


      5.24.07 - 12:16 am

  67. Brianna -

    Jazzy…This is my second comment on this post but my first one was short and sweet and more tooting my own horn than anything. 🙂 So now I am taking a moment to tell you how unbelievably proud I am of you. You are amazing. Your growth and development as a photographer is nothing short of astounding and I am so glad that I have been able to witness it all. You are on your way to making people feel how you felt the day we found your wedding photographer…remember that??? Our jaws dropped. You are so blessed and it’s deservedly so. I will be checking you out from all over the world as you take some amazing pictures this summer. I love you best friend!!!

      5.25.07 - 5:42 pm

  68. millie -

    Love the new blog… Super stuff! Your work is just getting more and more amazing!

      5.25.07 - 11:03 pm

  69. Alisha -

    Everything looks great. You go girl!

      5.30.07 - 4:50 am

  70. Anne -

    FABULOUS!!!! Just like you! 😉

      6.4.07 - 7:06 am

  71. Paige Kearin -

    I love it! Awesome

      6.6.07 - 5:58 am

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