Win a FREE Guest Sign In Album


It always feel like Christmas when the Leather Craftsmen courier appears on my doorstep with an array of boxes for me. The minute I say thanks and close the door, I squeal with excitement to see what’s in store. Like always, I’m thrilled when I see my clients’ wedding or engagement albums. It’s such a perfect way to memorialize the wedding day and every album is perfect in its own way.

Yesterday I received Damaris and Donald’s Guest Sign In Album, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face…it was truly the perfect documentation of their engagement session. Like I mentioned in the past, most my clients order Guest Sign In albums and have their wedding guests sign it at the wedding reception. At the end of the wedding night, I always take a peek at the final result and I adore seeing love messages fill the pages and make the album that much better.

I called my good friend Ira Gershoff at Leather Craftsmen and asked if he’d be able to give one lucky blog winner a FREE 15 page/30 side Engagement/Guest Sign In album and he was all for it! HOLLLA! Normally, a LC client must order a Print&Bind album 10×10 or larger to qualify for the Companion Album, but Ira is hooking up the winner with no strings attached. He’s the best! To read more about Leather Craftsmen’s Companion Albums, I blogged about them in this post, so check it out.

Here are the rules for the contest:
*You must leave a comment of something you’re thankful for…and get creative! Yes, I know you love your spouse and kids, but have a little fun with this!
*You must leave a valid email address as this will be the point of contact.
*One entry per person.
*Deadline for entries: Sunday, August 23, 2009 @ 8pm PST
*The winner will be announced next week.

Here’s a couple snapshots from the Guest Sign In Album…

Okay, so I can admit it…when Damaris asked for this replicated spread from my blog, my heart smiled…I have the best clients ever!

If you’d like more info regarding the Companion Albums, feel free to email Ira (…as I’m sure he’ll answer you WAY faster than I could! 🙂
If you’re new to Leather Craftsmen, you can receive a 50% Discount for your first print&bind sample album if you use the Jasmine50StudioSample. Also, if you’re a new client, you can also receive a 15% Discount for your first print&bind client album if you use Jasmine15Discount.