Working : In Seattle


For as long as I can remember, JD–who was a cartologist in another life–mapped out a perfect road trip. In his mind. Up the California coast with the Pacific to the left of us and wild mustard flowers to our right…pitstops at lunch trucks profiled on the Food Network…waving to kids stuck in the back of a minivan. What he didn’t factor into his daydream was a cantankerous wife, who sings off-key and packs whole grain snacks, and petulant dog. It was shaping up to be less Old Spice Man and more Griswold Vacation than he pictured, but once we arrived to Seattle, we took a collective breath and felt at home.

We came to Seattle for work, but we’ve been able to relax and enjoy the glorious state of Washington…a workcation, if you will. When we launched the photography tutorials for theSTORE last week, we worked from a new space and allowed us to focus solely on getting it off the ground. I’m also shooting while I’m here (more on that later), but we’ve carved out time to soak up Seattle in the summer.

We rented a cottage and it has a yard, so Polo has made himself right at home…

During my time off, I scour used book stores like Twice Told Tales and Elliott Bay Book company…this sometimes drives JD crazy, but I promise him reading makes me a better photographer. And a nicer wife. And a better cook (okay, so this is a bit of a stretch, but a girl’s gotta do what she can to get more time while shopping!).

We also spend way too much time eating great food. JD said I shouldn’t post this photo, but I just have to because it was one amazing spring roll! Life changing. I want to remember this spring roll for the rest of my life. Amen.

We carve out time to talk about business, projects, and planning for the second half of the year…lucky for us there’s a bevy of locations willing to provide inspiration of the libation sorts…

I asked JD to set up the timer for a self-portrait and this is my please-hurry-up face…which is just a tiny bit nicer than my I’m-a-hungry-girl face.

Our {slanted} self-portrait.

We’re trying to submerse ourselves in the Seattle culture, so yesterday we went to a farmer’s market to pick up groceries and support our local farmers. Yes, I said “our” like I freaking own the city.

The Ballard farmer’s market boasts to be the best outdoor market in Seattle and it didn’t let us down…where else can you find cranberry peas, soap, honey, salted ham hocks, and a boysenberry pie?!

Oh, JD. My sweet JD who carries a reusable and recyclable grocery bag and buys a bouquet of flowers…he’s a classic guy with a hipster heart.

This is the view from our backyard at sunset…the scope and magnitude have served as a place for introspective moments and deep breaths. I’m thrilled to go home rejuvenated with a fresh perspective for what’s to come…

Happy Monday!