WPPI U : Atlanta


I called the front desk and requested a 5am wake-up call and while I thought it’d make total sense, I definitely felt the three hour time difference the following morning. My body was in Atlanta, but my brain was back in California, where it was 2am and there’d likely be a dog resting his head on my right ankle. Not left, just the right. I shuffled around in the darkness using my phone as a flashlight. And right then I realized it was the closest I’d ever get to camping in the south.

I reviewed my presentation notes and talked out loud trying to tie my thoughts together. I emailed clients, organized my flight home, then got ready for the long day ahead. Oh, and I topped this preparation with a pair of red heels. Because–just maybe–I could take heels camping.

I was honored to speak at WPPI University in Georgia. Over 400 photographers showed up for the three-day conference and it was an incredible gathering of incredible photographers. The energy in the room was palpable and I was greeted with a warm southern welcome filled with things like y’all…fixin to do…ma’am, although I could have done without that last one thankyouverymuch.

Many thanks to Ashley for capturing the event on my behalf…

This is the awesome group of girls I hung out with at on Sunday night at Taco Mac…and you might remember the lovely Ashley from our time together on creativeLIVE photography course…love that girl!

Like always, it’s a true honor to speak as part of WPPI, but–more so–an honor meeting so many amazing people. I’m incredibly excited to see where the industry is heading and how promising the future appears.