10 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement TODAY

It’s time to take your Instagram engagement to the next level, brilliant soul.

You probably know the key to social media is just that: being social (or, as the cool kids call it, getting engagement).

>>By the end of this post, you’ll have 10 ACTIONABLE ways to get followers talking back to you today.<<

Ready? Let’s go!

10 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Today

  1. Stop second-guessing. Friend, the easiest way to get your followers talking back to you is to recreate what worked in the past. Look through your last 9 posts and see what got the most engagement, then recreate it (not the same content, but similar look and feel)!
  2. Send an introductory DM to 5 ideal customers who DON’T follow you. Yes, I said it: JUST an introduction–that means no selling! Remember what I said about being social? 😉
  3. Send an introductory DM to 5 ideal customers who DO follow you. It’s time to get to know your audience in a deeper way, so reach out to them and thank them for following along on your journey. *Again: no selling!*
  4. Post with an engagement-specific call to action. CTA’s that tend to get great engagement are easy for your followers to participate in… such as “comment below with your favorite holiday drink” or “tag a friend below who needs to hear this!”
  5. Go LIVE for at least 10 minutes teaching your followers something new. If you’ve been hanging out on my blog for a while, you know I’m obsessed with serving my audience for free. Now it’s your turn! *Note: If there aren’t many viewers attending live, keep in mind that the power is in those watching the replay. Your Live video will be on your story for 24 hours!*
  6. Leave a comment of more than 4 words on 3 posts on industry-specific hashtags. When I say “industry-specific,” I mean something that others in your field may use, like #graphicdesign or #weddingphotography. Participating in new conversations will increase the likelihood of other professionals commenting on your posts, too!
  7. Leave a comment of more than 4 words on 3 posts on pop culture hashtags. Inserting yourself into social conversations that don’t have to do with business such as #christmasdinner or #superbowl2021 puts your content in front of more eyes and may cause others to comment on your posts, too.
  8. Post an Instagram Story using engagement tools. I *love* using engagement tools to get my audience to talk back to me on Instagram Stories, such as the emoji slider, poll, quiz sticker, etc. 
  9. Engage in the comments of a larger account your ideal client follows. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Maybe they follow Pottery Barn or Anthropologie, for example. Once you know where they’re hanging out, engage with those who commented on their most recent post and maybe they’ll comment on yours!
  10. Create an Instagram Reel showing a hack related to what you do. We already discussed the importance of serving rather than selling, but here’s where the engagement piece comes in: encourage your followers to SAVE it for later and comment below with what they learned!

Now friend, you just read 10 ways to increase your Instagram engagement… but you know what?

I only want you to pick ONE and do it today.

>>Action leads to progress, so taking ANY action, whether it’s messy, scrappy, right, or wrong, is movement in the direction you want to go: FORWARD.<<

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