12 Years Together…here’s to twelve hundred more.

You grabbed my hand and asked if it felt like we'd been married 12 years. I wrapped my fingers around yours + responded, “No, but it feels like 11 years and 364 days.” That was yesterday.

But today? Today it feels like 12 years.

All these years later, there are some who wonder how someone like you (kind, thoughtful, warm) could marry someone like me (an impatient buffalo with a rocket strapped to her back).

But we work. We blend like watercolors, we spark like fire, we rise from ashes. We work because I can't breathe without you, and you're patient enough to make me better. We work because we try.

And while there are some who'll forever wonder how I married such a wonderful man, I'll simply shrug and say I stopped questioning miracles when my soulmate said, “I do.”

Happy Anniversary, my love. Here's to a twelve-hundred more.