2,000th Blog Post


A couple days ago, I was sitting with a friend when I realized the small stat bar at the bottom of my blog read: 1,999. I was just one posts from 2,000. So crazy, I thought to myself and went back to eating Chipotle chips from their brown paper bag.

But then I started thinking about this blog post, my 2,000th, and I knew I wanted it to mark a new chapter for this blog and, perhaps, a new direction.

For the past few years, the blog has become a source for photo-related articles and while that may still remain the same, I hope to return to my blogging roots and sharing the small, mundane stories of my life. Somewhere in the past eight years of having this blog, I shared less and less of my personal adventures because of criticism and outright meanness from a few readers.

I hate admitting this, but it’s the truth.

I once heard 2,000 is a good number for change (I totally just made this up because it sounds professionally scientific), so here’s to new beginnings and getting to know each other better. In light of this, I’m HOSTING A CONTEST to celebrate! I’m giving away $150 to JasmineStarStore.com and a 30-minute Skype consultation with me. We can chat about anything (business, marketing, tech tips) and everything (good books, home renovation, good gluten free recipes).

One person will be chosen at random, so to enter the contest, leave your name in the comment box below or on Facebook.
{Rules: winner will be picked on Sunday night at 8pm PST and announced here on the blog, one entry per person, and Skype session dependent on mutual availability in the next three months).

Happy 2,000th!

The contest is officially over! Many CONGRATS to Brittany Hannon for winning…and I can’t wait to chat with her soon! 🙂