2019 Flash Fire Instagram Q+A

Recently I was a speaker at the Girlboss Rally, we recorded a flash fire IG Q+A.

*Y’all know I love me some Instagram marketing talk!*

Dig into this fire session where I pour out everything I know on the newest IG updates and what you can do to get your account seen!

What do you think about Instagram removing likes?

I am so excited Instagram is removing likes. I think it will create a better experience overall because people will feel unintimidated to show up every day without being worried about how their posts are performing. Don’t forget: although your followers can’t, you can still see your likes! Keep an eye on those metrics to see what your audience is engaging with because it is a clear indication of what they want to see more of.

If you could rename the word “influencer,” what would you choose?

I would rename the word “influencer” on Instagram to: “thought leader content creator.”

Where do you think IGTV is headed?

IGTV is headed in the clear direction of YouTube. I don’t know if y’all have seen, IGTV videos can now be embedded in your website and blog posts! This combined with SEO-friendly copy is a great way to leverage scalable, searchable content to have your video be seen in perpetuity over time.

If the algorithm was a notable person, who would it be?

Instagram would be nothing short of Beyonce, let’s be real!

What is the biggest mistake you see businesses making on Instagram?

The biggest mistake businesses mistake on Instagram is their inability to show up every.single.day. Oftentimes we tell ourselves a story that everything has to be perfect, look perfect, and read perfectly in order to post but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The things that people are most excited to see online are real life stories, authenticity, and personal connections. *So get out of your head and onto the ‘gram ASAP!*

What is the secret to your success on Instagram?

The secret to my Instagram success is: have a plan, show up consistently, and make 1:1 connections. Never undervalue the ONE person because that was the foundation of Instagram, and it will *always* be the best way to grow an engaged, dedicated tribe.

So friend, there you have it: my quick and dirty opinions on Instagram marketing.

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