24,947 Reasons You Can be Just as Successful

I’ve been in the The Instagram Facebook group watching business owners who are considering investing in the INSTA180 course and almost every conversation starts with, “I wish I could join, BUT…”  In fact, after each webinar I read through every question people posted to better understand their queries, questions like:

QUESTION:  I don’t have very many followers, so would INSTA180 help?

I’m certain the amount of followers you have means diddly squat in the algorithm.  You don’t need a ton of followers…you need a group of highly engaged followers who like, comment, and tag their friends in your posts.  For example, Stephanie Dyane has less than 1,000 followers, but after learning effective tips and tricks in INSTA180, she received this awesome news…

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By having her work featured by another, larger Instagram account, she’s attracting followers who’ll find her business and learn more about her business.  Because she’s learned the importance of creating compelling content and writing captions to talk to her dream client, Stephanie is well on her way to growing her business on Instagram!

QUESTION:  I’m new to Instagram, so do you think this will help me?

The good news with Instagram is that every post is a chance to make a new impression.  Every time you open the app, you have the opportunity to grow and create something new.  Regardless if you’re new to Instagram, INSTA180 is about refining your approach.  Kacie invested in INSTA180 to hone-in her skills, and I couldn’t be more excited for what resulted!


QUESTION:  How long will it take to find customers and get sales?

Want to know the secret to every sale?  Get ready because it’s about to blow your mind.  The secret to effective sales via Instagram comes down to one thing:  TRUST.

There are thousands of people who do what you do on Instagram.  Heck, they might have more followers, prettier photos, and what feels like a perfect business.  But that doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because you have you.  You’re the secret weapon in your business.

Once you foster engagement (likes, comments, and people sharing your photos), those conversations turn into conversions.  The sales come once you build trust…and the more you invest in cultivating relationships on Instagram, the sales multiply as a result.

How long will this take?  It depends on how strategic you are with your efforts.  And the good news is I’ve created a strategy that can be applied to your business today in INSTA180.

QUESTION:  I’m frustrated with doing a bunch of different types of social media for my business, and not knowing what works.  Some days I feel excited, and other days I’m so tired I don’t even try.

Members of the INSTA180 family take care of each other.  If you ask for help, you get it.  Period.  We have created an accountability system to find a partner who you can connect with to ensure you’re not alone in the process.

More than that, INSTA180 aims to reframe more than just your business; the goal is to change your mind and approach to using Instagram.  Here INSTA180 member Rebecca summed it up perfectly in the VIP Facebook group.


QUESTION:  I’m not sure I’m ready because my business isn’t where I want it to be. How do I know if this is for me?

I’m have type-a personality and I’m doer.  If I don’t have a clear cut plan to accomplishing my goals, I create one.  A few years ago (when I got serious about using Instagram for my business), I made a plan that worked.  It worked so well I gained 159,000 followers along the way…and I outline a step-by-step plan to start taking action today.  In fact, one of our newest INSTA180 members started making changes on Instagram within just a few hours!


QUESTION:  My life is boring and I don’t know what to post.  How can INSTA180 fix that?

I have great news for you: INSTA180 isn’t about fixing anything…it’s about reframing how you approach Instagram.  Your life doesn’t need to be glamorous or perfect or feel contrived.  I show you how to view your daily routine as limitless opportunities to engage, create conversations, and document the beauty in the simplicity of your life and business.  I hold your hand and explain how to create posts for Instagram with ease and strategy.

Let me be honest:  people posting photos on Instagram don’t live a life much different from yours…they just know how to curate it in a beautiful way.  And I’ll show you how.  In fact, you might have old Instagram photos you can repurpose just to get the ball rolling.  Look at what Stephanie did…and her amazing results:


QUESTION:  You’ll probably notice that most of INSTA180 testimonials come from photographers, but the course was made for all types of entrepreneurs.

In fact, Trudy Stone, a certified culinary nutrition expert completed INSTA180 and saw her engagement double…and even triple!


The best part is that included in INSTA180 are styling, photography, and editing lessons, so you’ll be well taken care of!

If you’re still not sure of this is right for you, drop us a line at help@jasminestar.com and we’ll do our best to walk you through to determine the best fit for your business.

I’d love for you to be a part of the INSTA180 family, so if you’re ready to grow now, click HERE and I’ll see you on the inside!